Bill Gates doesn’t want students to learn math.

Kinda weird considering billionaire Bill Gates has made his money off computer software. In the land of computers and computer programs, numbers mean something. 

Zeroes and ones rule. Facts matter. Reality matters.

If software isn’t written right, the software doesn’t work. Planes crash, hospitals can’t save people, social security checks aren’t paid, prescriptions can’t be filled, groceries can’t be bought and nothing will show up at your doorstep from Amazon. 

Basically I would guess that 95% of American life as we know it would end without working computer software. We would be back to pen and paper and life would slow down dramatically.

Computers and computer software work on specific information and specs. Not someone’s best guess.

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Being a “computer guy” Bill should know the importance of numbers and math.

But alas, Bill doesn’t seem to care if future students come up with the right answer when adding 1+1.

If a student of color says that 1+1 is actually 3, that’s okay because math is racist.

Bill is funding something called “Dismantling Racism in Mathematics.” It’s a program that tells teachers not to push students to find correct answers because doing that is all about white supremacy.

This joke of a program has a workbook that teachers use called a “Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” which promotes dominant power structures of the white colonizers.

According to Bill and his crazy friends, getting the right answer is harmful to minorities, showing us yet again that leftists don’t think too highly of people of color.

Once again, the leftists have found a way to teach whites that they are oppressors and blacks that they are victims.

That’s not racist at all.

Bill’s position on math might make you scratch your head. 

Does he really want to dumb down the American population and create chaos in our country?

Or does he just want to make sure that he has no future competitors?

If Bill helps keep people stupid, he can rule the world because no one will be smart enough to come up with something better than he’s offering.