According to the Biden Harris Obama administration, there’s no crisis at the border.

No crisis of any kind. No sex trafficking, no drug trafficking, no COVID-19 or other diseases coming into the country…

Supposedly, there also aren’t hoards of illegals coming into our country taking our jobs or making our cities less safe. There is nothing to see and nothing to worry about.

In fact, if you believe the Democrat party, there are little to no consequences of illegals invading our country at all. Everything is just peachy. If it wasn’t, the Democrats would stop what’s going on, right?

In reality, the only thing the Democrats seem to be stopping is any protections for the American citizens from illegal aliens. 

Biden’s latest move is getting rid of the office called VOICE which served American victims of illegal alien crime. 

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I’m sure that they only did this because there are no more American victims of illegal alien criminals, right? (insert sarcasm here).

Or do the Democrats just not care about protecting American victims from illegal alien criminals – and want to destroy everything that Trump set up to help us?


VOICE was an office set up within Homeland Security in 2017 that the Trump Administration established to assist victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Because of the closing of the office, American First Legal has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Biden administration to find out what’s going on. 

AFL President, Stephen Miller made this statement, “One of the most marginalized and neglected groups in the country are the American citizen victims of illegal alien crime and violence. VOICE existed to protect and care for these heartbroken, grieving American families. Unlike illegal aliens, these citizens don’t have billionaire tech CEOs and powerful special interest groups in their corner. VOICE was their one place to go for help. Now, it’s been mothballed and turned into yet one more free government service for illegal aliens — courtesy of taxpayers.”

Not only was VOICE shut down, but the Biden Harris Obama administration decided to set up a NEW office – but this one serves illegal aliens. 

This new office is called VESL – Victims Engagement and Services Line. It will focus on providing “methods for people to report abuse and mistreatment in immigration detention centers and a notification system for lawyers and others with a vested interest in immigration cases.”

Miller said, “This would be like if the DEA opened a call center to help drug dealers get lawyers and amnesty for their crimes. DHS is a law enforcement agency, not a legal help center for criminals and lawbreakers. The decision to terminate VOICE is a moral stain on the conscience of our nation.”

Yes, our America Last president continues to serve illegal aliens and not American citizens.

But don’t worry – he was definitely legitimately elected to be our president (wink-wink).