In the years before the Second World War started for Europe in 1939, many warnings were issued as to the Nazi policy of aggression.

Churchill warned the West from the British parliament. The Russians warned. Jews warned. Ethiopia warned. Hell, even Hitler himself warned in “Mein Kampf.” But, as the aphorism goes, none are so blind as who will not see.

For the later part of this period Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was personally no coward. But he and many others had been so traumatized by the carnage of the First World War that they would appease Hitler in almost anything he wanted so as not to go through that again. Hitler knew that and used it.

So when Hitler went into the Rhineland in 1936, Britain and the West did zilch. The Austrian anschluss, nada. When he blatantly broke the Versailles Treaty, zip. Then Chamberlain and the French gave away the store at Munich. As Churchill said, “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.” War came in less than a year. Joe Biden is doing the same thing towards Iran.

We read Sunday night, just as in February, of a toothless raid against the Iranians in Syria. Our fighter bombers were given strict orders to minimize terrorist casualties. Yes, we unsheathed our sword only to tap the Iranians on the tail with it. What message does that send to Teheran. The same message sent to Berlin from Munich after the British and French folded there.

Iran and its theofascist leaders share the same traits as religious zealots the world over. They think their God has appointed them to a divine task, regardless of the eggs broken here on Earth. The mission Allah supposedly asks of the mad mullahs? The destruction of Israel. Like Hitler, the Iranians have stated their intentions for many years. They have shouted that the Israelis and the Great Satan, us, will be exterminated. They claim they will drive the Jews, been claimed before, into the sea and on and on in previously meaningless tripe. It was gibberish because they didn’t have the power to do it. If Joe Biden lets them have nukes, they will have that power and they will use it.

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The Biden administration sees this and chooses to ignore it, just as the West ignored Germany in the late 30s. It’s not just that the administration is rife with antisemites, though it is, the administration is bathed in their own fear of anything that will provoke any enemy. Biden is surrounded by physical and moral cowards who hate this country. Like any cowards, they run from bullies, lest they be made to fight. Biden’s airstrike on Sunday was just that. A limp act that made sure not to anger a geopolitical bully. We will pay for it, as may Israel, soon enough.