Are you one of the many crime victims who has lost your life due to Democrat polices which have resulted in the recent crime wave across the country?

Have you been killed due to AntifaBLM violence, police defunding, the revolving door of the criminal justice system or for any other reason due to Democrat “law and order” enforcers not enforcing law and order?

AOC doesn’t seem to mind that you are dead. And she doesn’t seem to mind that anyone else might be dead soon.

According to this lunatic, the crime surge is just hysteria. She is oblivious to the actual rising crime statistics of the Democrat-run cities across the country. 

Don’t look at the burning buildings behind CNN reporters. Don’t look at the bloody bodies on the streets or the bullets whizzing by your head.

AOC doesn’t think harm is acceptable (how lovely of her) but she says that the crime numbers should be looked at in context and hysteria shouldn’t drive any decisions being made – you know, like more police or keeping people in jail. That would be mean.

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AOC went on to blabber about how the media is perpetuating “this idea of crime.”

Yep, crime is just an idea. It’s not real. 

Crime isn’t real, criminals aren’t real, victims aren’t real and the dead aren’t real. Not according to AOC.

And crime isn’t at any kind of unprecedented level either, so says this former bartender. So just sit down and shut up.

Democrats are NOT interested in our safety. 

This has become blatantly obvious.

They don’t care about keeping us safe from illegal aliens OR from American criminals.

Make sure your Democrat friends and family all know this before the next election.

If they’re still alive.