China is currently responsible for 3,873,985 deaths from COVID-19 with 602,092 of those deaths in the United States according to Johns Hopkins University website.

China is on track to kill more people than Hitler did during the Holocaust if things keep going the way that they are.

Evidence is piling up that a lab in Wuhan was responsible for the virus getting out. 

Most of us who were paying attention when the virus came out could see that the lab was the most likely culprit of the disease outbreak. 

People in and around the lab were getting sick, whistleblowers were being punished, people were getting thrown in white vans, people were disappearing…

The only real question now is whether the release of the virus was on purpose or not and if any United States politicians (or private citizens) were in on it for political reasons.

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Nevertheless, China has nominated The Wuhan Institute of Virology for the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ 2021 Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize.

This nomination is as much of a joke as Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize and the NYT getting a Pullitzer Prize for a fake story about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

But in backwards land, which is where we all seem to be living right now, this is totally unsurprising.