Chicago’s murder rate is horrendous and the Democratic Female Black Gay Mayor (I have to make sure I get all of the Democrat talking points in her title) Lori Lightfoot has done little to nothing to protect the people in her city.

Murder rates continue to skyrocket and it’s mostly ignored by the Mayor. She is quite busy on her new crusade. She has declared systemic racism a public health crisis.

The biggest joke of her declaration was when she said that the higher crime rates in neighborhoods of color were triggered by a few things which included a lack of access to health care and healthy food options.

NOPE. Don’t think so, Mayor.

Lightfoot points to systemic racism as a reason for bad health outcomes of people of color. She said, “…we can no longer allow racism to rob our residents of the opportunity to live and lead full, healthy and happy lives.”

That’s kind of hard to do when you have bullets whizzing by your head.

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This racism declaration allows Lightfoot to disperse money in an illegal race-based way and call it “equity.” Apparently she didn’t get the memo that there are state and federal discrimination laws. 

But what’s a law to the Democrats? A law is something to be ignored until they forced to comply. And what will the money be used for? Who the heck knows.

I doubt the equity zones Lightfoot is setting up will do anything to keep the residents of Chicago safe and stop the murder rate from going up.

I doubt it is going to stop executions like this one in Chicago on Saturday where a couple was pulled out of their car and shot.

According to, there have been 303 people shot and killed in Chicago since the first of the year, 1468 shot and wounded. 321 total homicides.

There is more crime because police are stepping back. They’re engaging less and you can’t blame them. Anything they do can end up on a You Tube video and their career and lives are over.

The real crisis in Chicago is not racism – it’s criminal violence and the reduction of proactive policing. It’s stopping the police from doing their job and not supporting them.

Lightfoot banned police from chasing criminals, even during serious offenses. And her District Attorney has refused to prosecute many criminals in the city. 

This is cause and effect from the policies of leftist Democrats.

Not racism.  

Democrats are allowing criminals to be criminals – and the ones who get caught get let out without bail and are rarely charged in Biden’s new America.

It’s going on all over the country.

THAT is the real crisis.