I seriously hope that the Democrats who voted for Biden are all living as uncomfortable a life as I am – not finding the products or services that I need, getting them late when I do find them locally, and paying an arm and a leg for everything because of inflation.

This is not an America that I have ever lived in before.

I went to Gordon Food Service (kind of like Sam’s Club but smaller) and their meat shelves were basically cleaned out. No chicken or pork for me.

I went to my favorite diner on Saturday with my family and we barely made it before the doors were locked. Apparently, they are closing at 4 pm on Saturdays now because they don’t have enough cooks. And they’re closing all day on Wednesday because they have to give the cooks they have some time off.

I drove to the pet store on the way home at lunch and I forgot that they temporarily closed about a month ago. This was after they stopped being open on weekends because they didn’t have enough help. They’ve been closed so long now that I’m pretty sure it’s permanent.

Taco Bell next door is still only doing drive-thru service because they don’t have enough employees. The line of cars is ALWAYS backed up to the street.

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Me and my husband took his SUV into our mechanic on Sunday night to drop it off so they could work on it on Monday. It’s Tuesday now and it’s still not done. I hope the previous mechanics who would have been working on our vehicle are enjoying watching cartoons on the sofa, raking in the Democrat handouts.

When we finally get the vehicle back, we get to pay $3.19 a gallon for gas instead of $1.82 a gallon, which is where it was on election day last year.

Yes, these are trivial complaints. I’m not suffering with cancer or COVID-19 and all of my family and pets are relatively healthy. That’s what’s really important.

But I can still complain about this crappy new existence that we find ourselves in because of Biden and the Democrat party.

And being in a tourist town, getting anything done or bought around here is getting more and more difficult.

And I haven’t even gotten into the REALLY bad stuff that Biden and the Democrats have brought us – the illegal alien invasion, drug and sex trafficking, rising crime, fentanyl flooding into the country and much more.

Anyone who continues to vote for Democrats is truly insane.