So how exactly do you get to the bottom of Democratic corruption and their responsibility for the death of thousands of elderly people during the pandemic when you can’t get the data you need?

According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, there are 4,596 long-term care facilities in Michigan but 3,480 don’t have to report COVID-19 mortality data according to a COVID-19 tracking website of the Michigan Health Dept.

And the state isn’t going to work on getting that information anytime soon.

Well, why would they when it would look bad for Democratic Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer?

She’s already got a tally of about 5,600 elderly residents of long-term-care facilities who died of COVID-19. 

And that’s just self-reported data. The honor system. She doesn’t want that number going any higher.

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The numbers we currently have appear to be dramatically undercounted at a substantial rate because the state just doesn’t seem to care too much about being transparent and truthful. It’s either way too much work for them or they are involved in a cover-up.

Instead, the state of Michigan would rather quibble about the definition of what a nursing home is and not even require facilities with less than 13 residents to report at all.

As usual, the state is a joke. To normal people, a long-term care facility is a long-term care facility no matter what it’s called and no matter how many people are residents inside of them. 

The fact that the state does anything to separate the facilities in the counting and tracking of a disease is seriously depraved, immoral and dangerous.

Health and Human Services Director, Elizabeth Hertel, finally admitted in a recent House Oversight Committee hearing that the number of COVID-19 deaths in all types of long-term care facilities might be “low.”

Wow. Shocker. But we actually figured that out a long time ago without any downplayed admissions of guilt by the state.

A recent investigation by the “No BS News Hour” and “Mackinac Center for Public Policy” revealed that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) doesn’t do a thorough job of looking through it’s own data to find out which COVID-19 deaths were nursing home residents (and their own guidelines require).

Another big surprise, right?

The investigators believe that pandemic deaths inside of Michigan’s elder care centers are probably 100% higher than Whitmer’s people are reporting.

Do I hear 200% anyone? 300%?

And will we ever really know?