On Monday, for the first time in over a year, I went to my local grocery store and shopped without a mask. The sign on the front door has changed from “mask required” to “no mask required if you have been fully vaccinated.”

The usual suspects are in a frothing frenzy, as many of them have been caught unaware by the CDC and the Biden administration. Various health bureaucrats, wishing to hold on to power over average citizens, can’t believe their fifteen minutes of fame is over. But over it is.

This has come to pass because the Biden administration is running on a schedule. To sell the “Happy Days are Here Again” narrative masks come off now, schools open up in the fall, and stores go back to normal. All to make Joe Biden the virus savior and erase from our memories who fast tracked the virus in the first place. Any glitches will be blamed on that guy.

There’s an old DC joke that an outgoing congressman leaves three notes taped to the bottom of his desk for his successor. Each one is to be opened right before a reelection campaign. The first one says, “Blame me.” The second one says, “Blame the previous administration.” The third one says, “Make three notes for your successor.” As such, Biden is planning to heave any responsibility for problems onto anybody but his own shoulders.

The Biden administration wants the manufactured momentum to carry them into the 2022 midterms. They could go with a “Morning in America” message, contrasting the nasty mask time of the Trump administration with the new found freedom. It’s like a burglar robbing you of one hundred dollars, giving you back five dollars, and telling you the deal came out to your advantage.

Because the dirty secret is they could have dropped the mask requirements months ago. This was a malady with a 97 percent recovery rate and most who were not vaccinated did not suffer ill effects. But the charade had to be kept up to bolster the narrative.

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Watch for more bogeymen to follow. Now that the Democrats, the Left, and the Biden administration know so many Americans are sheep and will wear masks when they are driving alone in their car, they will come up with new Chicken Little scare tactics to rationalize power.

Of course, the real threats like inflation, an open border, and aggressive global adversaries will be glossed over, as they fit the ideological program. But more health scares, evil Republicans, a resurgent Trump, and the usual litany of fake racism and sexism may be used to explain further government power grabs. And if the Republicans do manage to take back either chamber of Congress in 2022, then the same people who said the 2020 was fair and square will be screaming to the heavens that 2022 was stolen by nefarious Republican dirty tricks. Watch for it.