Some of you may be wondering what became of the Rush Limbaugh Show after he died. 

The show has been having “guide  hosts” that talk about current political events and then use their massive database of archived Rush wisdom to play old sound bites of him.

What’s amazing is that Democrats really never change. 

That’s why this talk show format is possible.

Democrats are still fighting the same battles because they never fix anything. They just promise to.

The Democrats add things here and there that they pretend to care about like transgender “rights” and climate change and packing the courts but basically they have the same agenda and the same goals as they always have – to tax people and businesses into oblivion while they work to take away our rights and any freedoms we have left.

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So some of the crap they do is old school and there are plenty of Rush bits to play where he opposed school unions, affirmative action, high taxes, gun control, regulation, censorship and their other insanity.

And, of course, they always had their standard playlist of “Republicans want to kill people” which the Democrats have been saying forever.

But Rush has had something to say on the new stuff as well – even things that happened after his death. 

Because the Democrats have a consistent pattern of wanting to control everyone, demonize political opponents and ignore the Constitution, what Rush said about them back in the 1990’s is still relevant today. 

And considering the fact that Rush was able to continue the show when he was deaf, why would things be any different after his death? 

He’s still able to hold the Democrats accountable for their absurd political plans.