AP means Associated Press. 


They’re “supposed” to be journalists – you know, people who investigate things, uncover the truth and relay that information to us. 

Over the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bombed the Jala Tower in the Gaza Strip because it contained Hamas terrorists operating inside. It was believed to be an operations hub of military intelligence and possible weapons manufacturing.

Also in the building were offices for the AP and Al Jazeera.

Very very interesting, don’t you think? That they were there, all cozy and everything?

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Of course, the AP is telling everyone who will listen (like CNN and NPR) that they had no clue that they shared the building with Hamas.

AP Prez/CEO Gary Pruitt appeared to feign ignorance about Hamas being there and complained about the destruction of the building. He said, “We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza.”

Pruitt is doing a great job as the PR arm of the Palestinian terrorists. He is saying what they were expecting him to say if the building ever got hit.

So did the AP not share a bathroom or a parking lot with these Hamas characters? The so-called journalists weren’t able to pick up on any clues that the terrorists were there, like rockets being launched nearby? 

Isn’t it their job after all to pay attention, see things, investigate and report?

The Twitter trolls were in quite a tizzy all weekend because the AP offices were annihilated.

To these crazy antisemites, everything Israel does is bad including defending themselves from terrorists. The fact that the terrorists shelter and operate among the innocents is of no consequence to the Israel haters.

Newsflash to the leftist media: Palestinian terrorists use people as human shields. They don’t mind killing their own people. Or even supporters.

Operating among apartment dwellers and media outlets in the Jala Tower was no different than when these terrorists set up shop in hospitals and churches. Hamas knew what they were doing.

If the AP is being honest (and that’s debatable) about not knowing that Hamas was there in the building, they are really in the wrong line of work. 

This new development shows that they are, indeed, not actual journalists. They are just writers, web designers and stenographers for the terrorists.

On the other hand, maybe AP knew about Hamas being there and didn’t care. 

Maybe they knew about it but were getting something out of it. 

Maybe they knew about it and were fine with it – they liked being “in the loop” to better spread their pro-Palestinian propaganda.

A past 2014 article that was in The Atlantic claims that the AP staff in Gaza City were regularly threatened by visiting Hamas in the past – and also witnessed a rocket launch beside their office without reporting it. So having them deny knowledge of the terrorists in the building is not exactly believable.

And even though Netanyahu doesn’t purposely go after innocents like the Palestinian terrorists do, Israel always seems to be the one getting all of the bad press. The Palestinian terrorists target Israeli civilians – houses, hospitals, schools, and businesses. They definitely don’t warn any of them to get out like Netanyahu did with the AP in the building.

But still, the antisemite press in America and around the world sticks up for the terrorists… It’s quite unbelievable – and maddening.

Now many media outlets and the AP are demanding evidence that the building had Hamas military intelligence assets. 

Dear fake news media: That’s your job.