The Democrats want to be able sue the gun-makers for gun crimes that have nothing to do with issues with the product itself. They don’t want to sue because the guns were made wrong or malfunctioned and caused someone injury or death.

The Democrats want to blame the guns for the actual gun crimes instead of the people pulling the triggers. 

Like somehow the guns go off and shoot people all by themselves. 

That’s nice for the criminals – not having to bear any responsibility. 

The prisons will be empty. The leftists would love that.

Recently though, the gun haters had a big setback when a federal judge in Arizona ruled in favor of Glock, a pistol manufacturer.

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The Washington Examiner reported that the (Trump-appointed) judge dismissed a lawsuit by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on behalf of a man who was accidentally shot and paralyzed.

According to the Examiner, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Brnovich “upheld liability immunity granted in the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed in 2005 to block gun-makers from a potential wave of industry-killing lawsuits.”

The decision was made in mid-March but it’s been pretty much ignored by the fake news media. 

We are only now hearing about it as the Biden Harris Obama administration moves forward to try to change the immunity for gun-makers – either through the zillionth Biden Executive Order or by sticking it into a reconciliation bill.