The recent Second Gaza War was very instructive. It showcased the vicious terrorism of Hamas, the bravery of Israel, the ignoble antisemitism of American Democrats, and the profound weakness, irrelevance, and dishonesty of Joe Biden.

It’s not only that most of America doesn’t like him, by America I mean those who actually support the United States, but in foreign capitols he’s looked on as a joke. The Chinese insult American delegations to their face on our own turf. Putin mocks Biden to the international press. And now Bibi Netanyahu tells Biden to shove off and to take his inane advice with him .

But, you may say, a cease fire happened a day after Biden called for de-escalation. Yup, and it was brokered by the Egyptians. And why would Netanyahu tell Biden to pound sand, an insult to his closest national ally and benefactor, if he was planning on adhering to Biden’s request? The groveling move would have been to not respond then announce the cease fire. But Israel doesn’t grovel. Netanyahu went out of his way to slam the Biden proposal.

Biden’s weakness is simply that he, his team, and his policies are not respected by foreign governments. Like the Nazis of the 1930s and their perception of France, terrorist groups like Hamas and governments like China and Russia know they’ve found a Western government they can push around without paying a price. They know the Biden administration is riddled with Marxists who favor the Chinese, antisemites who love Hamas, and those who will adore any regime, including Russia, who will act against the interests of the United States. Weakness abounds in DC today and it’s evident in the headlines. China, Russia, and Hamas smell a bleeding administration and they are circling to take bites.

During the Trump administration America was respected around the world. NATO allies gave more to alliance coffers. Israel rejoiced in strong support. The Chinese hated Trump’s unpredictability and acted cautiously. No more. In the councils of state as you read this, America is relatively irrelevant. Yes, we still are the strongest country in the world. But without the will to act we are weak. Our current irrelevance stems from a comparison between the Trump and Biden administrations. The latter is found wanting and thus listened to with apathy when not too long ago we were treated with an attitude that recognized our strength. That’s over for now. At least until January 2025.

And after the cease fire Biden lied and tried to take credit for it. He looked pathetic and his false claims only emphasized his geopolitical impotence. It was an unnecessary own goal that elicited snickers both from Jerusalem and Gaza City. This will not be the last time Americans will have to swallow the weakness, irrelevance, and lying of the Biden administration. It is only the foretaste of bitter cups to follow.