The Democrats are solely responsible for the rising crime in our country. 

They are behind all of it. 

For more than a year, we’ve watched their insanity against the police and the American people…

Their BLM-Antifa terrorist riots and Democratic governors, mayors and local politicians ignoring violence, arson and attacks against the police.

Their non-prosecutions of these terrorists and very often not even arresting them.

The elimination of cash bail.

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The elimination of sentencing enhancements for repeat offenders.

Allowing lawlessness and ignoring autonomous zones.

Their reluctance to seek the death penalty.

Not trying juvenile suspects as adults.

Dismissing misdemeanor cases.

Sending out community health experts instead of police.

Defunding the police.

Letting criminals out of jail.

Trying to shut down private prisons.

Supporting police haters.

Writing legislation to put the lives and careers of police officers in jeopardy.

Supporting EVERY black man involved in an altercation with a white police officer and defining them as a martyr and the victim, regardless of the circumstances or criminal background of the suspect.

And then, of course, there are their leftist friends in the media pushing their anti-police rhetoric as a good thing.

Because of all of this, Democrats have sown the seeds of the current increase of lawlessness, crime and murder across the country. 

Breitbart reports that some Democrats are finally getting worried.

But they aren’t worried about the rising crime. They’re worried about the political implications of rising crime i.e. if they’re going to get voted out of office if things continue to deteriorate.

New York Times’ Ezra Klein tweeted about the fact that homicides in cities were up by 25-40% in 2020, And 2021 doesn’t look any better. 

Klein said, “The politics of this could really tip, and not just in cities – if these numbers keep getting worse, then as with Nixon and Reagan in the 70s and 80s, it could bring ‘law and order’ conservatives (including Trump) back to power in 2024.”

Oh no! Not Trump!

Anything but Trump!

Slate agreed with Klein’s assessment of the situation and says “If crime surges, public opinion will move back to the right fast. If progressives don’t rein in crime, conservatives will.”

It’s so nice, isn’t it, to see the Democrats so concerned – about getting elected. 

The Democrats certainly AREN’T concerned about crime and murder victims or they wouldn’t be continuing their absurd and dangerous war against the police and the laws that keep us safe.

Most of the Democrats don’t seem to think that their jobs are in jeopardy and that getting their constituents murdered might mean less votes for them. 

The nut job Democratic Mayor in St. Louis has pledged to defund the police even amidst a soaring murder rate that is at a 50-year high.

She must have hired a really good PR firm to get her through the upcoming even higher number of murders that will be happening under her watch.