When my conservative step-daughter told me her liberal daughter isn’t happy with Biden anymore because of the shortage of Chick-fil-A sauce and my step-daughter commented “whatever it takes” I had to chuckle. 

Is this the tipping point where Biden voters and future Biden voters open their eyes to disastrous Democratic policies?

I had assumed this supply problem was an issue in my step-daughter’s small Michigan town but apparently it’s a thing all over the country.

Entrepreneur’s website explains that people are losing their minds over the sauce shortage. They want it fixed and they want it fixed now. Good luck. Democrats are still running the show.

And the problems might not just be with sauces. The statement from Chick-fil-A is as follows “Due to industrywide supply chain shortages, some items, like sauces, may be unavailable. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.”

It’s funny to me how liberals don’t expect CONSEQUENCES to their politician’s disastrous policies. They just expect life to go on as normal. They don’t live in reality.

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The now their non-reality doesn’t include enough Chick-fil-A sauce.

Liberals push getting rid of fossil fuel and gasoline vehicles (which will NEVER happen) and then whine when they have a gas shortage.

They defund police and attack them physical and verbally and then what happens – violence and murder goes up.

They flood the country with free money and let truck drivers and other workers sit on their butts with unemployment money – and at the same time they screw with businesses with insane pandemic closures and push people to get fast food instead of going to restaurants…

And guess what? We end up with inflation, staff shortages and a supply problem.


Every fast food place I go to is having a labor shortage because of the Democrats.

But hey, Trump’s not tweeting mean stuff so all is good, right?

Except that it’s NOT good for those who want more than one sauce packet of Chick-fil-A sauce with their entreé.

Too bad. This is what you get when Democrats run the country.


Just wait until it comes visiting your health care.

Oh, wait. It’s already here. 

Remember back when you couldn’t get a vaccine unless you were the right color or lived in the right place?

The wonderful and caring Democrats will decide WHAT you can get and WHEN you can get it.

What’s next? Disappearing Arby sauce? McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets? Froot Loops? 

Who knows with President Disaster in Charge.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

Get used to it.

As Martin Lawrence said in Bad Boys 2, “This sh*t just got real.”