The American people, the peons, the little people, the loyal subjects of Democratic tyranny… and especially the Michiganders…we have totally different rues than the special politicians.

The Democratic Kings and Queens of the United States Governor’s offices seem to be able to do what they want. They give us orders but don’t follow any of them.

Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer seems to be fine breaking her own rules but that’s how Democrats are. They are special and we are not.

After getting caught recently going to Florida during COVID-19 restrictions and telling the rest of us not to go to Florida during spring break, you would think that Whitmer would lay low. 

But no. She decided to go out and party with her pals at a bar – with no six-feet social distancing and there were definitely more than six people at her table.

I think we all know that if something happened that was similar to her visit – in a bar or restaurant owned by an outspoken critic of hers or a Trump supporter – she’d sic her Attorney General on them and they’d end up in jail just like Holland restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney.

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Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel use every resource at their fingertips if there is a business or restaurant that is in the news making Whitmer or Nessel look ridiculous and incompetent (and it’s not hard). 

Businesses who get on Whitmer’s target list get just about every state and local country department going after them.

But now we know that after these tyrannical Democrat chicks go after people and businesses and then they slide into the bar, eat some chicken wings and raise a glass for a toast to their greatness.

But hey – Whitmer apologized so everything is good right?

She said she’s “human.”

We’re not human apparently.

And she said she just didn’t think about it when they pushed the tables together.

Newsflash Whitmer: WE have to think about it because you’ll close down the restaurants and bars that we go to if they allow more than six people to a table and you’re not one of the guests.