If you think that wokeism is currently on steroids, you would be right. 

Just in the last week alone, we have seen moronic companies like Coca Cola and Delta Airlines coming out against Georgia’s voting law changes which has resulted in the MLB pulling their All-Star Game out of Atlanta and a majority black city to lose millions in revenue and we learned that the Girl Scouts are spending $500,000 from a Ford Foundation grant to become a “anti-racist” organization.

There is more going on than meets the eye though. 

In an effort to get everyone on board with the communistic progressive agenda of the left, they have come up with a labeling system for companies where everyone is targeted with a ESG score to show if you are woke and worthy of being in existence.

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance.

With communists in charge of our country, they want to label everyone and force them into the support of their radical agenda. 

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The ESG score is a brilliant idea on their part to further this goal and all of their leftist corporate friends have no problem helping them out with it. 

The ESG score is to measure a company’s efforts and report to the world if that company has done enough for climate change, racial equity and other radical Democrat ideas and policy initiatives.

Companies are evaluated on all of the Democrat party’s agenda points…greenhouse gas emissions; treatment of animals (except birds killed by windmills of course); soil and water contamination; renewable energy; environmental policy; treatment of workers; living wage; a diverse board and staff; recycling practices; conservation of water; relationship with the EPA and…. wait for it…

Public stance on social justice issues.

Yes, there it is. Speak up and speak out often. Donate to the cause and make sure to intimidate anyone who doesn’t.

It’s a complete Democrat checklist of policy initiatives that companies better start adhering to.

The ESG score is meant to give stakeholders and investors evaluation tools to see what kind of company they are dealing with. But it’s not about financial viability except for the fact that the left will destroy your company if you are not woke – and in that case, no, you would not be a good investment because you are a target.

The ESG score is really a way to force companies to adhere to the progressive agenda and cancel anyone who doesn’t.

In the future, it’s quite obvious that these scores will be used to deny credit to certain companies that the leftists don’t like and pressure them into doing things if they want their companies to be able to survive.

Do you think the NRA is going to get a good ESG score? How about My Pillow?

The money and investing community is laughably treating this whole thing as good for the economy and pretending that it’s not what it really is – targeting capitalism and Republicans.

The Motley Fool , a private financial and investing advice company, says that this investing method “can reduce portfolio risk, generate competitive investment returns and help investors feel good about the stocks they own.”

Therein lies the truth about what the Democrats are all about – emotions. You can “feel good” about what you are doing regardless of real world metrics like profitability and having a good product or service. 

The woke leftists will be able to keep businesses afloat who have no idea how to make a profit or turn out a good product. But they care about social justice and climate change – so they’ll get an extended life span from the leftists. 

Never mind if the surgical tool your doctor uses doesn’t actually work or if the tire falls off your new electric car. They are woke companies and that’s all that matters.

Some companies like Nike actually have a “chief sustainability officer” who makes sure that they are “in like Flynn” with having a great ESG score. They even signed on to use 100% renewable energy across their global operations by 2025. That’s gonna get them lots of points with the leftists.

Glenn Beck has been the tip of the spear warning everyone about this ESG tyranny. And it’s not just coming, it’s already here.

Companies are bending to the will of the leftist blackmailers and their insanity so that they can get a good score. Beck describes this movement as part of the Great Reset.

The Great Reset initiative was launched in June of 2020 where the elites of the world met together with a plan on how to reset the entire global economy. At the meeting, according to Townhall was The International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum, Price Charles, the head of the UN and CEOs from major international corporations. They want a great reset of capitalism i.e. no freedom or capitalism actually involved.

The huge financial institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and MasterCard are on board with the leftist agenda and their ESG systems and more are coming on board every day. 

Just look here to see Wells Fargo giving out scores. Cohen Inc is on board too as are many others. It’s everywhere.

The Democrat’s ESG labeling is spreading even faster than COVID-19.

Beck has noted that the ESG scores aren’t just applying to businesses either. Financial institutions are also giving ESC scores to individual investment accounts.

This is how the leftists will force everyone to adopt their radical policies including climate change. You play ball or you don’t have a company anymore.

And we all know that the control of the individual won’t be far behind. 

If you don’t get on board, good luck getting a car loan, a business loan, a mortgage or anything else. Are you not recycling? Are you driving a gas-guzzling car? Get your head straight and do the right thing – or else.

Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins has warned how Merrill Lynch is now assigning ESG credit scores for customers. Yes, that’s YOU. You the individual. They are giving you your own ESG score. Isn’t that exciting?

Are you using too much electricity? Are you investing in gun companies? That’s not good. You’re not getting a good ESG score for that. No car loan for you, you horrible 2nd Amendment supporting patriot.

Former President Trump tried to protect us from this by finalizing a “Fair Access to Financial Services” regulation in January of 2021. It made it illegal for banks to discriminate against us like this. But, of course, Puppet Biden “paused” the rule’s implementation.

No big surprise. 

The Democrats are all about discrimination when it comes to their political enemies and this is a fantastic idea they came up with in order to cancel all of us and keep us under their thumb.

The leftists who came up with this tyranny will make their millions and continue to run the world while the rest of us are stuck in their cage.