The Biden administration wants us to get a vaccine passport to be able to move around the country and participate in commerce whether it means going into hospitals, going state to state, going on an airplane and thousands of other things they will ban us from doing with the help of their leftist corporations. 

Meanwhile, it’s just too hard for voters to have to get IDs to prove they are actual registered voters. And illegal aliens can break into the country and move around as they please with no ID whatsoever – or a COVID-19 test.

Are you an American who wants to go to the bank without a vaccine passport? Too bad.

Want to go to the pharmacy? Too bad.

Want to get some milk at the grocery store? Too bad.

Do you still think you live in America? 

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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We’re holding on by a thread with the communists currently in charge of us.

The Biden Administration is working on some sort of vaccine passport system where they can tag us, track us and put some sort of QR code on our smart phones.

Good luck with that, Joe.

My cell phone is about 10 years old and doesn’t take apps. I hate phones, I hate talking on the phone, I hate texting. I don’t want to be reached easily. Cell phones are no better than pagers and I couldn’t stand those either. My husband’s phone is even older – it’s a flip phone. And neither of our burner phones has GPS so I’m so sorry that you won’t be able to track us.

So Joe’s plan has a glitch when it comes to us old folks out here. Is the government going to buy us a Biden smart phone just like when they sent out Obama phones years ago??

But then again, even if I had an iPhone, I wouldn’t comply with their vaccine passport BS – and I’ve actually had a vaccine. 

What? You want me to print out the vaccine passport from my computer? So sorry. My computer is not working right now and my printer ran out of toner. 

But hey, guess what? I’m a graphic designer. I can just print out a fake one – and do so for others at $100 a pop. I just love capitalism.

What? You’re mailing me a printed passport? Sorry, I never received it. 

Just like the asinine mileage tax that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came up with, I will not seek permission from the government – or pay them – to go where I want. 

If the corporations want to go all-in and require passports to buy things from them or enter their stores, I won’t be buying anything from them.

In fact, go ahead with your tyrannical plans because that only means that the local businesses where I live will benefit from your idiocy.

I expect legal challenges to happen immediately to any passport “system” that the government or corporations try to impose. 

The vaccines are approved for emergency use only. How can they require people to take a vaccine that has only been approved for emergency use? These vaccines are not approved by the FDA. 

So good luck with that, Joe.

In addition to that, there are HIPAA laws and I don’t have to disclose medical information to Burger King and Walmart.

Know what the CDC website says about the HIPAA law? It says that the law was designed to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

Hm… Looks like you might have a problem there, Joe.

And while we are being threatened that the Federal Government is going to come up with a passport – a directory of our information so that they can track and control us – they seem to be giving the illegal aliens all of the rights and freedoms that Americans were promised when our country was originally developed. 

Besides allowing the illegal aliens freedom of movement (including free bus and plane rides), they are also getting tax-free jobs, free health care, free schools, stimulus checks and much more. 

What a great time to be an illegal alien. The opportunities are boundless just like our borders.

America. The land of freedom and opportunity.

Unless you’re an American.