Yes, I’m one of the few people who will say what we are all thinking.

The social justice warriors don’t want black people being questioned, followed, investigated, stopped, arrested, incarcerated, prosecuted or jailed.

To that end, interactions between the police and black people are being recorded all over the country and released to social media and the leftist media news outlets in a social justice push to abolish the police. 

The leftists don’t want police reform. They want the police gone.

That’s probably not going to actually happen unless the police start leaving their jobs – although at this point in history, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

So the second best thing is make the police weary of going after black criminals – make them scared to do their jobs and fearful of retaliation even if they do their jobs 100% right.

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While this is all going on, most of us sane people out here don’t care what sex or color you are. If you are suspected of committing a crime, big or small, we want the police to question you, follow you, investigate you, stop you, arrest you, incarcerate you, prosecute you and put you in jail if your actions warrant that treatment.

We’re actually paying our police force to do this in our counties and states – we’re actually giving up our tax money for this purpose – so that we can be safe.

But our voices, although a distinct majority, whether we are black or white, aren’t being heard over the megaphones of the leftists.

And along the way to the leftist’s anti-police goals there is fallout. Besides increased crime, their tactics have resulted in the early retirements of police, resignations and potential police candidates going into other careers. 

The police that we do have left are dealing with this new reality and have to second-guess themselves. They might not do their job the normal way they would have in the past or pursue a criminal because their lives might be ruined by social justice warriors who will try them in the court of public opinion without due process.

Who pays for this in the end? 

WE DO. The victims of the criminals.

For more than a year, when a black person is shot by a police officer and the video is uploaded to social media, there is an automatic call to gather in the streets no matter what happened. It’s cause for a protest, a riot, the burning of buildings and looting the Dollar Tree.

The black person is martyred no matter what they’ve done in their past or at the scene – and the police are vilified.

It’s the same recipe every time with the media and the protesters. Over and over again.

Facts be damned. Patience be damned. The same narrative plays out.

That’s because there’s a method to the madness and there is a goal of decreasing the number of police and decreasing the number of black people being arrested.

Black Lives Matter activist and organizer Miski Noor said back in July that when activists say they want to abolish the police they “100% mean they want no more police.”

Yep, we pretty much figured that out when the leftists went on their “defund the police” campaign, attacked the police and tried to burn down police precincts. 

Because of slavery (that ended in 1865 after the 13th Amendment to the Constitution), Noor says that we need a non-police community so that we are safer. 

Yes that makes complete sense. 

Safer for criminals.

Leftist logic: Because of something that happened 156 years ago, we need to make up for it by letting criminals roam the street.

It’s not enough for the leftists that many criminals are being released without cash bail, aren’t being charged for crimes they should be, they’re being let out early because of the pandemic and they’re not getting the sentences that they deserve even after multiple crimes. 

We still need to do more. According to the leftist social justice warriors, we need to get rid of police all together so that there are no more arrests.

Think I’m crazy?

Nope. I am not. I’ve heard BLM terrorists in their own words talk about this in their videos. 

I’ve seen the defund the police movement. 

I’ve watched Antifa and BLM trying to burn down police precincts – with people inside.

And now we have Michigan Democratic REP Rashida Tlaib telling everyone the truth. 

I thank her for being honest – something the Democrats rarely do.

Even though the video shows what appears to be an accidental shooting in the case of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, Tlaib called for an end to “policing, incarceration and militarization.”

Yep, that’s their goal.

She won’t even wait for an investigation and told everyone “It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist.”

She described the incident as “government funded murder.”

Yes, the Democrats are stoking the flames of a race war and they don’t care who the casualties are.