Free this, free that. 

Nothing is free. The taxpayers are paying for it. People and businesses are paying for it. Our children are paying for it.

The Democrats (and many Republicans) don’t care. It’s all about buying people off.

Buying off voters. Buying off donors. Spreading out the money to friends and family. It’s a mob operation plain and simple. Term limits would be the only thing that could possibly ever stop the scams that they’ve got going.

Biden went all out last night offering free stuff to the masses. Apparently, the trillions the Democrats have already planned to hand out is not enough. 

It never will be. It will go on and on and on.

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“Free” money keeps people down. It keeps them not working. It keeps them in poverty. Why get a job when you can get paid to sit at home? Why try to improve yourself or work hard or start a business?

Getting paid to sit at home is a good gig if you can get it and the Democrats have been on overdrive the past year to make sure it happens.

Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, back in the ’60’s, talked about the Democrats without even knowing it. He called them devils. He updated the story over the years. It’s called “If I Were the Devil.”

Harvey said that as the devil, he would do many things.

He would get rid of our institutions, God, our customs and morals and call it progress. What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good.

He explained how to take over the United States as the devil and it’s exactly what Biden and the Democrat pandemic tyrants have been doing. 

They’re normalizing deviant behavior and anti-American policies so that everything is acceptable no matter how crazy and damaging it is. We’re going backwards, not forwards under Democrat rule.

It’s about undermining the church. 

No better way to do that then to make sure they’re closed and the members can’t get together. The pandemic was a gift to the Godless leftists.

It’s about letting people do whatever they want with no limits.

Nothing is immoral or even weird anymore. 

It’s about letting people know that they are in control, not God – and the real power comes from the government. Let the criminals out of jail, let the government make all the rules and they will let you know what you are allowed to do.

It’s about spreading drugs to the masses. 

The Democrats are doing a great job with that, legalizing pot and having an open border policy that is making the Fentanyl crisis spin totally out of control.

It’s about getting everyone at war with each other.

Families, churches, the nation…with the media fanning the flames. Democrat vs. Republican. Black vs. White. Mask Wearers vs. Non-Mask Wearers. Vaccinated vs. Not Vaccinated.

Was Paul Harvey great or what??? He knew exactly what what was coming.

And there’s more…

It’s about letting the schools get out of control

Let the children be in control with no consequences. Obama got that started with having schools address crimes instead of police. And they rarely addressed it at all.

The leftists are also currently changing the culture of the school by telling the students that everything is about skin color. If you are white, you are racist and so are your parents. No one is actually responsible for their own behavior. 

It’s about equity, not equality.

Which means everyone is pulled down instead of lifted up.

And it seems like Paul Harvey had a transcript of Biden’s April 28th speech because he said, “If I were the devil, I’d take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.”

Good job, Democrats. Paul Harvey has proven that you are the devil.

Only not enough people understand who the Democrats really are.