In one of many efforts to destroy the country, the leftists are taking aim at truth and math in addition to everything else they have been targeting.

There is not just a problem with students not being educated during the pandemic and many schools not doing testing.

There is also a problem with what the schools are and are not teaching.

Because leftists have an agenda to create a race war, they are teaching racist “anti-racist” indoctrination in the schools to make sure everyone know that all whites are racist.

So we have that monumental issue to deal with.

But in addition that that, the leftists also want to scrap requiring students to have to come up with correct answers in math because it’s racist.

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Actually it’s the opposite. These leftists are the ones who are racist if they are assuming that minorities can’t come up with the right answers to questions.

But I digress…

According to Breitbart, the California education department (of course this is starting in California) is discussing implementing a statewide math framework that promotes the concept that working to figure out a correct answer in math is an example of racism and white supremacy.

The “Equitable Math” has a training manual that is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is ironic because without math and zeroes and ones, we wouldn’t even have computers. 

But if you look at it from a competition standpoint, Gates is a genius and is protecting his livelihood. He doesn’t want anyone smart enough to be of any real competition to his company. And he’s certainly on the right path with equitable math helping him out with that.

The California framework actually says that white supremacy has infiltrated math classes in many ways including focusing on getting the right answer.

It’s ludicrous. It’s ridiculous. It’s completely absurd.

It’s math. The only reason you are in the class is to get the right answer.

Leftists are seriously deranged.

I don’t want my life or safety to be under the control of any of these students that are being taught under the Biden Harris administration disaster.