I hate to tell Chris Christie the cold hard truth but after living through a Trump presidency and knowing what we can actually get done with an America First conservative president, we are NOT going back to Rino-land any more. 

Rinos need not apply to be president. That ain’t gonna fly anymore. We’ve seen success and we refuse to settle for less. 

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Christie said he’s thinking about running for president again. I’m sure that laughter broke out all over the country after that statement. 

Christie would have ZERO support of anyone in the Trump base, that I can guarantee. The only quality that Christie has in common with Trump is that he’s bombastic but that alone does not get you our support or votes. 

And I hate to bring up another obvious point, but Christie is unhealthy. I can see him going to beddy-bye at 8 am just like Biden does. He doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with the job.

So let’s take a look at all the things Christie sucked at.

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He sucked at pushing back on Obama. Remember the photo of the hug and their romantic walk along the New Jersey beach? Enough said.

Did Christie back up Trump’s claims of fraud during the election? Nope. In fact, he said the President didn’t provide evidence of fraud and that his legal team was a “national embarrassment.”

Christie was also fine with a Medicaid expansion and set up a state-run exchange for the Obmacare marketplace. Other Republican Governors refused to do so after a win in the Supreme Court that allowed them to opt out. Christie embraced it.

What about gun control? After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Christie came up with his own package of gun control laws. He backed away from some of them and even vetoed a few but it showed where his mind was at. He didn’t stand strong on the 2nd Amendment like conservatives expect Republicans to do.

And then there is illegal immigration. Christie can’t be trusted within an inch of that. He signed the New Jersey DREAM Act into law, giving some illegals who are students a break on their tuition so that they had “tuition equality.”

And just like the other Republican RINOS that we reject, Christie has stood by a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens several times including when he ran for president the last time.

What about the Trump impeachment 2.0? Yes, RINO Christie was on board with that. He called what Trump did an impeachable offense.

When Christie was on ABC’s This Week in January he said, “Republicans are all going to have to vote their conscience and look at what happened. I mean, what we had was an incitement to riot at the United States Capitol. We had people killed (now we know it was just a Trump supporter who was killed). And to me, there’s not a whole lot of question here.”

And last but not least, there were five George Soros’ hedge fund managers who donated to the Christie’s re-election campaign to be governor. That’s not good.

Christie has said in the past, “Compromise is not a dirty word.”

That alone takes him out of the running to be president of a now very conservative America First Republican party.

Compromise IS a dirty word when your political enemy is trying to destroy the country, the Constitution, our rights, our freedoms and we disagree with everything they are doing and everything they stand for.

Trump fought for us against that tyranny. He fought for our country. 

Christie would compromise with the enemy.

No thanks.