It seems every day we read about a new assault on our liberties and livelihood from the Biden administration and the Democrats. In national security, the present regime seems hellbent on exposing this nation to invasion and calamity. Why? Because many, not all, in the Democrat Party have a profound hatred for the United States and our traditional way of life. They are determined to pull it out of the soil by the root. Thus the question presents itself, how much of this are we willing to take?

Any sane person respects the democratic process. So we’re not talking sedition or insurrection here. I’m speaking in both the cultural and political sense because, to be frank, we sometimes aid and abett our own problems.

How long will we countenance an open border before we vote out the politicians who are delivering our southern border to the tender mercies of illegal immigrants, human traffickers, and drug dealers? Remember, they don’t just appear in office. We elect them and our culture tells us they are the enlightened elite and we are just the Neanderthal throngs. How long before we get so fed up we finally starve the culture of our cash and make open border politicians pay at the ballot box?

HR1 is perhaps the biggest threat to civil liberties and fair elections in the history of this nation. How long before American citizens recognize that and, if it passes and is signed into law, begin a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience to stop it dead?

We can take a page from the notebooks of the early campaigners for civil rights like Dr. King and Medgar Evers, both noble martyrs for a noble cause. The authoritarians who count on your placid apathy to slice away your freedoms need to be confronted at the polls and on the streets. Again, absolutely nonviolently these would be masters need to be reminded who they work for. The left needs to be shown they aren’t the only group who can muster a large number of people for civic action on a constant basis.

And how long will we tolerate America’s falling status in the world? Have you seen and heard the way the Russians and Chinese talk to us since the Biden administration came to power? They do so in ways and in a manner they did not dare to do under the Trump administration.

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I’m not talking about again becoming the world’s policeman. Neither should we stick our noses into situations that do not concern our national interests. But the rising power of China certainly affects our interests in many ways and Russia is a canny global player who bears us ill. The Biden administration is failing those challenges. How long will we take it? How long until 2022 and 2024? How long until we bring the heat to those who deserve it? Hopefully, quite soon.