In addition to the tyranny and loss of freedom that the Biden Harris Administration has brought to us, they have also brought us a country of insecurity and are responsible for the current situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19, crime and the mexican cartels.

COVID-19 numbers are going up and Biden is doing nothing to ease the pandemic. Are there daily press conferences from his pandemic task force? Is Biden talking about therapeutics or what to do if we get sick? No. He’s doing nothing. There are no pandemic press conferences because he has nothing to update us on. 

Vaccines aren’t the answer for stopping the spread because you can still get the virus and spread it even if you are vaccinated. Mere anecdotal evidence from friends of mine proves that those who have gotten vaccinated can still get COVID-19.

In fact, about the only thing that the Biden Harris administration ARE doing well is hiding what’s going on from the American people. Apparently, they knew about the Johnson and Johnson problem with the vaccines being ruined more than a week ago and didn’t say a thing. 

Biden is doing nothing new and nothing innovative to deal with the pandemic. In fact, he’s doing the opposite. He’s welcoming illegal aliens into the country which is leading to the infection of more people.

If we get out of the pandemic anytime soon, it’ll be pure luck.

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Then we have crime. Why do we have an abundance of crime? Because the “defund the police” leftists continue to protect the criminals. 

Leftist prosecutors, many elected with George Soros money, don’t pursue charges and let criminals out with no cash bail. They do everything in their power to facilitate additional crimes on the American people by letting the criminals roam the streets. 

Last but not least, we have Joe’s open borders which is leading to more of the above – more of the virus and more crime. 

Our country is not secure from foreign enemies (or the domestic ones helping them). Sex traffickers, drug trafficker, terrorists and criminals are coming through Biden’s open borders.

We have no idea who is coming into the country. We have no idea what kind of people the unaccompanied minors are going to. And the Biden Harris administration could care less.

The Democrat Party is giddy about how well their plans are working and how many future voters are coming into the country. Don’t let them fool you that they care about the cost of illegal to our country – the literal cost or the security costs. They are only upset about the bad PR they are getting – but that’s the only “crisis” that they see.

The cartels are in charge of the border right now doing what they want and making a ton of money. 

Working in tandem with the Biden cartel, the mexican cartels are making millions getting drugs and people into the United States while Biden sits on his hands and counts the votes.

But leftists don’t care about any of this because Trump is gone. 

The virus, crime and the border – it’s all acceptable because Trump is gone. 

If the country has to pay the price, that’s fine.

Because Trump is gone.