Major League Baseball must be full of Democrats. You certainly can’t be a Democrat without being a hypocrite. And that’s what the MBL has got going for them right now. Hypocrisy is coming out of their ears.

At just about every turn, Democrats will sell out their own “people” in order to win elections for the Democrat party. It’s sad and disgusting but it’s who they are.

The Democrats and the MLB are currently pretending to care about voting rights and about minorities but they moved the All-Star game out of the majority black city of Atlanta. 

Who does that hurt? Certainly not any of the politicians. It hurts the business owners, many of them black. Many of them who own businesses already decimated by the pandemic – bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. 

Nice job, Democrats.

Then you have the MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, who is a member of the elitist Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. How can he be a member of a golf club in such a racist and oppressive “Jim Crow” state? 

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He must immediately withdraw his membership so says Republican Senator Marco Rubio. And why isn’t Biden calling on him to do so???

But we know Manfred won’t give up his membership. That’s a personal sacrifice. That’s putting your money where your mouth is. That’s taking a real stand instead of just being political.

Democrats don’t really believe in what they say. They don’t live what they preach, that’s for sure, especially the elected ones. 

Remember Pelosi’s haircut? Remember all the Democrat politicians doing things during the lockdowns that the rest of us couldn’t do? I rest my case.

All the Democrats do, day after day, with the media’s help, is mouth off about things and create hoaxes to win elections. They play on people’s emotions by lying to them constantly. 

And the Democrat voters are ignorant enough to accept it – or they just don’t care. Their leftist leaders are always telling them what to be upset about, how to think and how racist Republicans are. Rinse and repeat 20,000 times a day.

So in order to combat racist Jim Crow voting laws, it looks like the MLB wants to move the All-Star baseball game to Denver, Colorado. 

More hypocrisy.

Because the MLB cares SO much about the voting “oppression” in Georgia, let’s do a comparison…

Does Colorado have have voter ID?


Do they require signature verification for mail in ballots?


Do they have two less early voting days than Georgia allows?


And what about the demographics – because race is all the Democrats care about. 

Well, Denver, Colorado is only 9.8% black according to the 2019 census. But Atlanta, Georgia is majority black. Why are we moving the All-Star game to such a white city?

So what else is going on in Colorado on the voting front…

Does Colorado prevent campaign workers from giving food or water to voters within 100 feet if they’re wearing campaign apparel?

Yep. Pretty much everyone does that. Bribery is not allowed. Sorry.

Oh the travesty! The MLB better keep looking for a new place to play their game with all of their millionaire ball players who are so oppressed. 

I think the MLB needs to find a more welcoming place where they’d feel at home. Maybe China. They seem to be good buddies with them.

And as usual, the leftists don’t have any explanations or answers when you bring up their hypocrisy. 

How do we know this? Because they start their “Republicans pounce…” strategy that the Great Rush Limbaugh used to tell us about. 

When the leftists have no defense for their insanity, like the Dr. Seuss stuff, they write articles and do TV segments about how “Republicans pounce.”

They make it about OUR reaction to their idiocy instead of their idiocy.

Examples of this can be found everywhere such as the Washington Post’s “The Eruption of Fake GOP Outrage at MLB is Actually Very Clarifying.”

The Democrats are quite good at lying, marketing and covering up for their moronic behavior. 

They’re just not good at running the country.

Trump proved that. 

And Biden’s definitely proving it now.