Yes, life Is moving at the same speed under Biden as it did with Trump. It seems like it’s taking forever to get through it (and hopefully we will).

In truth, it’s been only 78 days.

78 long hard days.

It’s all about perspective. 

Under Trump and a booming economy, life was great and our expectations for the future were high. Time went by at the speed of light. 

But lickety-split, we find ourselves under tyrannical communist rule and what was up is down and what was down is up. 

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We are back under the rule of the “America Last” Obama authoritarians that we had for eight years – only this time it’s worse than before because Obama can hide behind Biden and be as progressive as he has always wanted to be.

Time seems to be going by slower than ever as we wait for upcoming elections and the presidential campaign of Trump 2024 or DeSantis 2024 – or another Conservative than we can get behind to push back on the leftists and the media – and make America great again.

While I was waiting for my dental appointment yesterday (that came up fast!) I thought about time and our perspective on things.

When we’re a kid on summer vacation, time seems to last forever. When we’re an adult on vacation, time goes by way too fast. 

Everyone goes through their own trials and tribulations, challenges and joyous occasions. A minute is a minute and an hour is an hour but depending on what is going on, some minutes and hours fly by and some inch by like a snail.

How can we speed up this Biden travesty we are living under? 

The answer is that we have to find our own joy and do things to occupy our time. 

We need to find a hobby, read a book, binge watch a new series, give ourselves unexpected treats, do volunteer work, start a side hustle, take up gardening, go camping, go to the beach, spend more time with our kids and pets… 

We need to look for things to pass the time – happy things. We need to fill our lies with balance and combat the daily leftist lunacy. 

Then, before you know it, January 2025 will be here and hopefully we’ll all be smiling again on inauguration day.