Defund the police…get rid of the death penalty…no sentencing enhancements…no cash bail… 

It’s Christmas for the criminals of our country right now as we continue to live under the rule of Democrats.

The asinine criminal protection plans by the Democrats get more scary every day as the Democrats work to come up with more and more ways to keep the criminals from being investigated, charged, prosecuted or sentenced to what they deserve.

The latest absurdity happening in Los Angeles is the axing of the hardcore gang unit after it’s been in operation for 42 years.

Why? Because it’s way too offensive to the criminals and their supporters. The terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, whose often chants their slogan “no justice no peace” during their rioting, is ecstatic about the change, calling the Gang unit “abusive” towards people of color and low-income communities. BLM “justice” is actually no justice. Their justice means no justice for victims if the offender is a person of color.

And what a great time to make this change when so many illegal aliens are invading the country including MS-13 gang members and criminals of all shapes and sizes. These inhumane gang members were rightly labeled as “vile and evil” and “animals” by former President Trump. However, the Democrats are letting them in with open arms.

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Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, always one to defend anyone Trump doesn’t like, took offense to Trump calling these killers “animals” and said, “Calling people animals is not a good thing” and said that we have to respect the divinity, the dignity and worth of every person.

No thanks, Nance. I’ll take a pass on that.

The gang investigation unit in Los Angeles had 700 active cases but no matter. Soros-funded anti-American pro-crime DA George Gascon is moving ahead with his “protect the criminals” agenda even though 2020 showed an increase in homicides and shootings, many caused by gang feuds.

Gascon is one of the most evil prosecutors in the country if you are a crime victim or care about your personal safety. Violence and murder isn’t a concern of his as he moves ahead to make sure that criminals are free to roam around his city, county and state.

In the short time Gascon has been in office, he’s ended the three strikes rule (but lost in court on this one); gotten rid of cash bail; banned sentencing enhancements on new cases for criminals including for guns and gang involvement which had allowed prosecutors to keep the really dangerous criminals off the streets longer; in his first 100 days, he withdrew 77 motions to transfer minors to adult court; he is barring prosecutors from attending parole hearings to oppose the release of prison inmates; he banned prosecutors from seeking the death penalty and more.

Getting rid of the gang investigation unit is obviously going to lead to more crime, violence and deaths. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says what Gascon is doing is a suicide pact. He said, “While gang members are busy driving up LA County’s homicide rate, DA Gascon is now dismantling the Hardcore Gang Unit that works with local law enforcement. This is not reform. This is beginning to look more like a suicide pact.”

Prosecutors, as in the past, have much to say about Gascon and none of it is good. Los Angeles Prosecutor Jonathan Hamtami Tweeted last week, “It’s a sad day for LA. The Gang and Narcotics units have been slashed in half. This will lead to move violence on our streets and more victims in our communities. And it puts public safety at greater risk.”

Putting the public at greater risk is not anything that Democrats care about in Biden’s new America.