Want to know why I don’t listen to anything that the CDC has to say? Because they are political hacks and nothing they have said the past year is based in science or medicine.

So the latest announcement that the government will “allow” me not to wear a mask outside if I’m vaccinated is totally laughable. I wasn’t paying any attention to their guidelines in the first place and never wore a mask outside even before I was vaccinated.

The CDC has told us not to wear masks, to wear masks, and to wear two masks. That alone made me realize that these aren’t serious people.

The CDC has also pooh-poohed Hydroxychloloroquine and other successful COVID-19 therapies because Trump supported them.

I also don’t believe their BS that we can’t spread the virus by touching things. So wash your hands.

My husband is the son of a nurse (and he’s a custodian) and he says differently. There’s a reason he uses sanitizers, bleach, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies – even before the pandemic.

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And after being involved in multiple “fomite” classes at animal rescue conferences, I know that the CDC is full of crap when they ignore fomite transmission of viruses. Google the word fomite. Go ahead.

From the beginning, the “experts” at the CDC weren’t even tracking us anywhere we were at less than 15 minutes – gas stations, credit unions, banks, pharmacies, etc. Regardless of what fairy tales that the CDC comes up with from one day to the next, I believe that fomite transmission is a main way that the virus is spreading.

There is common sense and there is the CDC. Two polar opposites.

I am vigilant about washing or sanitizing my hands after touching things in public. Knock on wood, I’ve been out and about and working non-stop since the pandemic started and I haven’t gotten the virus yet.

The CDC, the rest of the Federal Government, the Governors and the local health departments have NO IDEA what they are doing. That has become painfully obvious the past year.

I have a close relative who works at a school system and I can tell you that they have NO IDEA what they are doing either and have no common sense or consistency on any of their cleaning protocols.

The only reason I currently wear a mask is because the businesses won’t let me in if I don’t. 

I don’t do anything because the government tells me to do it. I don’t even do things because my husband tells me to do. 

The most laughable thing during this whole pandemic was when my Democrat Governor, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, told me how many people I could have in my own house. Even if she decided to pay my property taxes, I wouldn’t care about her limits about how many people can be in my house.

So what kind of idiocy has gone on by order of the governments, federal, state and local that has led me to ignore what they say?

Plenty. Here are just a few of the highlights of their insanity…

We can go to Walmart but not funerals or to church.

We can eat out with our family but they can’t go to our doctor’s appointment.

We have to wear a mask into a restaurant but can take it off once we are seated.

We have to put our money into a bin at the drive-thru but the cashiers are touching (with or without gloves) the same money and our bag of food that gets handed to us.

We can riot and loot and set cities on fire for “racial justice” but can’t be with an elderly parent dying in a hospice or nursing home.

And I’m sorry but what kind of crazy person would wear a mask outside?