Like him or not, Jim Carville is one of the greatest political field generals this country has ever produced. Along with Lee Atwater and Dick Morris, and others you’ve never heard of, Carville’s acumen and talent decided major elections in this nation for two decades.

When I was a political consultant myself in the 90s the Carville stories were everywhere. Never met him, but knew people who were friends of his. They said the Ragin Cajun thing was an act. This Marine was sharp and played his cards close to the vest. The results bear out that analysis.

So it’s no wonder that he is still on track in regards to the electoral prospects of the Democrats. He knows they are successful when they run to the middle, as Bill Clinton did under Carville’s direction in 1992 and 1996. He can see the razor thin margins in the House and Senate and remembers the savaging he took from the Gingrich Revolution in 1994.

Thus he counsels the Democrats to stop their obsession with woke policies and candidates, with faculty lounge politics. But will they? No.

They won’t because they own both houses of Congress and the White House. That’s pretty successful, they think. So why should they drop the woke tactics and strategy that got them there? Plus ideologically, many of them are Marxists.

Carville knows they need a course correction because he can read history. Not only of 1994, but of 2010 and of other midterm disasters for both parties. America is not woke. The Democrats are. That spells eventual disaster for them, notwithstanding legislative chicanery, and success for Republicans.

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A man like Jim Carville must be torn. He’s, in his own way, a patriot. Most Marines are. But he sees his own party on the road to catastrophe on an un-American path. He talked to Fox News on Tuesday about a congressional race this week in Louisiana that pitted a leftist Democrat versus a moderate Democrat. Carville is from Louisiana. He called it on the nose.

FNC: “In an interview Tuesday with Fox News, he highlighted that Peterson ‘was saying [Carter] wasn’t progressive enough. She was running at him totally from the woke left. He didn’t buy into it. He ran a Jim Clyburn, Joe Biden, Cedric Richmond kind of campaign. And he won big, and he would have won bigger if it wouldn’t have been such a low turnout election and if the spending differential against him wasn’t so enormous.

“Carville also criticized Peterson for running ‘a national campaign’ and for being ‘the perfect ‘faculty lounge’ candidate.” He explained that he was referring to people in faculty lounges at elite college campuses who speak a different language than the average voter. ‘How many times do you need to see evidence that this stuff doesn’t work?’ he asked.” A lot more, because modern woke Democrats won’t listen. Even to Jim Carville.