Black Lives Matter really came into their own after the death of George Floyd. They have been around since the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident but George Floyd really put them on the map and gave them the PR they they needed to be a force in American politics.

They saw a great opportunity with the death of George Floyd and took to the streets with full Democrat party support. 

BLM and millions of their knee-jerk supporters spilled out into the streets after George Floyd’s death with their demands and threats and protests and rioting and arson and murders. 

They got more than 15 million people to march in the streets for what the media called a righteous social justice cause, so important that spreading COVID-19 during a pandemic wasn’t an issue to them.

As BLM has shown themselves to be violent, their support has fallen as people see what they’re really about. Pew Research Center showed that in the beginning of their George Floyd protests, it only took them three months to go from 67% support in June of 2020 to 55% in September. 

55% is still way too high a number of Americans who support terrorists in their own country. But the silver lining is that after all of their violence, the support for them is still falling and the support for the police is growing.

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The BLM’s anti-police rhetoric hasn’t helped their cause with chants like “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ’em Like Bacon” and demands to defund police in minority areas that need them the most.

During their “peaceful protests” BLM set buildings on fire, they attacked people and they committed murder…It was not, and is not, a peaceful group.

Because of their threats and violence, BLM was able to coerce huge corporations to donate money to them so those corporations wouldn’t be “canceled.”

It was a good racket and still is. Stoking racism and participating in social unrest makes good money. Their Global Network Foundation made more than $90 million in 2020. 

We also see that Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, admitted anti-white Marxist, has recently purchased a million dollar home near Malibu. Violence pays. And it pays well. But she’s bought even more than that – three other houses that cost about $3 million.

Because BLM is a political organization, they did what they could to help win Biden the election, which along with trying to get rid of police and laws, could have been their goal all along for the organization. They were partners with the Democrat party in stoking racism and participating in social unrest as means to an end for a Biden win.

Along with Antifa, BLM basically held America hostage all of 2020 and inferred that violence would break out if Biden lost. It was a veiled threat but also backed up by their own words. Back in February, the leftists couldn’t stand it anymore and actually admitted to all of the shenanigans that they did to rig the election for Biden. BLM had a leading role in a pro-Biden leftist network and Time magazine admits that the social justice movement that came out of George Floyd’s death was used to harness momentum for the election.

Now BLM is at it again with their threats against the American population. Only this time, it’s direct and blatant in no uncertain terms. One of their activists, model Maya Echols went on TikTok to say “If George Floyd’s murder is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just sayin’.”

The video has been deleted but she’s got 484,000 followers so that’s a lot of people to rile up and give direction to. A deleted video is still a video that went out and was seen by all of her followers.

But she’s just admitting to what everyone is expecting to happen if the BLM folks don’t get their way. Facts and justice are irrelevant when you have an emotional investment in a political and social justice outcome. Regardless of evidence or what happens at the trial, they will only accept one outcome.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve received threats from the BLM and it won’t be the last. 

The President of Greater New York Black Lives Matter, Hank Newsome, already threatened to “burn down the system” in June of 2020 if the country doesn’t give them what they want.

And Black Lives activist Shaun King said at the end of March that America will riot if Chauvin isn’t convicted. He said a “reckoning is going to befall this country one way or another. And it should” if Chauvin is not convicted of some degree of murder.

When terrorists speak about what they plan to do, we should always listen.