Tim Scott has been chosen to give the Republican response after Biden’s first address to Congress on Wednesday night. Because of this, the media is starting their disinformation campaign against him ahead of time.

The Democrats aren’t happy that Scott will be debunking all of Biden’s lies and will offer America truthfulness and sanity. He’ll also probably bring up his police reform bill that the Democrats rejected.

Scott said in a statement about his appearance on Thursday, “We face serious challenges on multiple fronts, but I am confident as I have ever been in the promise and potential of America. I look forward to having an honest conversation with the American people and sharing Republicans’ optimistic vision for expanding opportunity and empowering working families.”

The leftists at Washington Post wrote a hit piece on Scott last week, after spending hours and hours of time investigating his family history. They were trying to debunk something he said in the past about his family.

Scott had made a speech at the Republican National Convention in August of 2020 and had said, “My grandfather suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third-grader to pick cotton, and never learned to read or write…Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.”

Instead of investigating Cuomo’s sex scandal or killing the elderly…instead of investigating the border crisis or Hunter Biden…WaPo went after a black Senator because he’s a Republican.

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In writing their hit piece against Scott, the Washington Post is smart enough to know something that I have always known – that 50% or more of the people on social media only read the headlines. 

And the WaPo headline said “Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to that tale.”

The author of the story, Glenn Kessler, unfortunately for the Democrats, completely failed in his mission to take down Scott as a liar. But you have to read the whole story to figure that out.

Kessler, uncovered what he thinks is a smoking gun – that Scott’s grandfather owned land. So he was a poor sharecropper. 


Because of this, Kessler infers that the Scott family wasn’t nearly as oppressed as Scott claims. 

Kessler says that Scott’s statement is “missing some nuance” and accuses him of relying on memories of his grandfather and not a detailed examination of records.

At the end of the story though, he admits “Still, the records may not entirely show what life was like for black farmers in South Carolina as cotton prices plunged.”

Really, Kessler? Then why did you write the story? There was nothing to report. You had no story. You just had a headline that you wanted people to share on social media without reading what you wrote.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United States, Tweeted, “What WaPo did to Senator Tim Scott is shameful. When minorities refuse to be victims, disagree with liberal talking points and think for ourselves, the media shames us and questions our credibility.” 

Scott said about the same thing in an email to supporters. He said, “The mainstream media has decided to fact-check my family’s story of ‘cotton to Congress in one lifetime.’ That’s right, The Washington Post has been investigating my family’s history in the South and downplaying the struggles and racism they faced. It’s shameful. Plain and simple.”

After getting push back from his hit piece on Scott, cowardly Kessler referred any questions to the WaPo public relations department.

The WaPo article exposes the truth about Democrats that we’ve learned over the years. Democrats aren’t actually pro-minority. They aren’t pro-black, pro-gay or pro-anything else except pro-Democrat.

They will destroy any Republican or Trump-supporting minority they can in order to stay in power.