In America, we get fake racism outrages everyday that have to do with things like Dr. Seuss, Dumbo and Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. 

In China, they are actually showing a commercial where a Chinese woman takes some detergent and puts her black boyfriend in a washer and washes the black out of him, making him Chinese.

I looked on Twitter to see if the NBA players are having any kind of protest or “Black Lives Matter” march but I didn’t see anything. 

That’s because they are greedy narcissists with no actual consistent moral principles. 

They blather on and on about how black lives matter but they didn’t say anything about black police officer David Dorn being killed. That should have told us all we need to know about their fake social justice movement. 

They adopted Black Lives Matter rhetoric on their jerseys, stadium floors and interviews but it’s all an advertising and marketing plan for their fans. A bunch of millionaires and billionaires want to appear “woke” and caring to their fans to sell more merchandise and make even more money.

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The NBA and their players certainly don’t care (or protest about) the human rights abuses going on in China. That’s because China is a cash cow for them.

And even if the communist regime is now showing racist commercials agains black, who cares, right? As long as the money keeps rolling in.

It’s been reported by National Review that the NBA receives about $6 billion in profits or more from their Chinese markets. Are they going to give up that money by criticizing the country? No way.

So they keep their mouths shut. Those who dared to speak up on the crackdown of Hong Kong were summarily criticized and silenced. When Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets General Manager, Tweeted out support of the democracy protests in Hong Kong, China pulled NBA merch off shelves and games off TV. The NBA bowed to the Chinese and got everyone back on the China train.

The players defend China by comparing them to the United States and say that their human-rights record is no worse than us. Joe Biden, who also depends on China’s money coming into his family says that there are just cultural differences going on, that’s all.

The Bidens, just like the NBA franchise, have to keep China happy so that the money keeps rolling in.

Child labor, human rights violations, genocide, torture, racism…

It’s all good as long as everyone keeps their piece of the pie.