Life has been a light shade of pastel since Donald J. Trump was cheated out of his second term as President.

We are stuck in a prison of leftist rule and insanity. What is supposed to be up is down. Common sense and America First has turned into absurdity and America Last.

Leftist rule has given us incompetence, corruption, tyranny, censorship, targeting, hatred, racism, communism and a breakdown of law and order. 

It has also given us absolute boredom.

Nobody really cares about what Biden has to say but people end up watching him anyway like they watch a NASCAR race, waiting for a crash. You never know when Biden is going to forget the name of his wife, one of his departments or the Pentagon. And it’s always interesting to see if he’s going to tell us about 30 people getting vaccinated or 300 million.

The media is completely bored with Biden as well but they’re enjoying their time off. I remember reading a tweet from a journalist after Biden won. She was celebrating having her weekends free again. Yes, she was working way too hard during the Trump presidency – whether that meant she had to keep up with covering all the stuff that was going on or making up fake stories. 

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Lucky for us, Trump will be returning to social media in the next few months according to his adviser, Jason Miller, who says that Orange Man Great will be reemerging on the internet on his own platform. 

Miller was vague though about whether the platform would be Trump’s own thing or if they were working with a company. Considering that Trump isn’t able to code, I’m pretty sure that Trump will be working with someone and hopefully he hired someone to work for him directly so he has total control over everything. 

He should name the platform something that will totally irritate the left like “The Trump House” or “Don’s Place” or “Real Media Only.”

Trump will be censored no more unless the leftist hackers get into his site or figure out how to shut down his IP address. It also means that the leftists won’t be censoring US anymore either if it’s a platform that the rest of us can participate in.

Miller said that Trump should be returning to social media in about two or three months. He said he thinks it will be the hottest ticket in social media. “It’s going to completely redefine the game. Everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does. But it will be his own platform.”

So the countdown begins…

The podium awaits Orange Man Great.