Open your businesses, throw away your masks!

Yep, it appears be a new day in America. The leftist House Democrats must know something that we don’t. Either the pandemic is over or illegal aliens aren’t able to spread COVID-19 to Americans.

Why do I say that? Because the House Dems blocked a GOP bill that required negative COVID tests for illegal aliens before the Biden administration welcomes them into the country.

Am I surprised by their anti-American and reckless behavior? No. Because they ARE anti-American and reckless.

It’s not like they’re making sure not to let in anyone who is a terrorist, rapist, domestic abuser, drug dealer or sex trafficker. So why worry about COVID-19? That’s just another hassle.

And there are no enhanced background checks and fingerprint checks either on any illegal alien caregivers who are now able to come forward to take care of the unaccompanied minors. Biden doesn’t really care who takes care of the kids as long as they can get processed as soon as possible. 

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What could possibly go wrong there? I’m sure that none of these kids will end up in prostitution rings or anything (insert sarcasm here).

The Biden administration laughably says that these caregivers are “properly vetted.” How exactly do you do that without getting fingerprints or having any information on the illegal aliens who take the kids? Guess it’s the honor system.

DHS: Do you know the kid?

Illegal Alien Caregiver: Yes.

DHS: Are you a drug dealer or a sex trafficker?

Illegal Alien Caregiver: No.

DHS: Approved.

The bill to test illegal aliens for COVID-19, the REACT Act, was proposed by Iowa Republican REP Mariannette Miller-Meek, who the Democrats are trying to unseat after she was certified to have won her election by six votes.

She said, “We are still in a global pandemic, and we are unnecessarily putting lives at risk.”

Yes, that’s true. But it’s only a bunch of Americans. The lives that Democrats DON’T want to put at risk are the future Democrat voters that they are letting invade the country unchecked. 

VERY unchecked.

For anything.