Over and over again, we have heard from the Democrats that what’s happening at the border isn’t a crisis, it’s a challenge. They’re just dealing with the effects of a nasty Trump presidency.

But the problem is now so dire, so serious, that some Democrats and the media are finally starting to use the dreaded “C” word when talking about the Biden open border. They’re finally talking about a crisis.

CBS actually reported on the 13,000+ unaccompanied children at the border while Biden was telling another network that he didn’t invite the illegals in and that they need to wait a while before breaking into the country.

That’s quite humorous of him to say that he’s not responsible for what’s going on after taking away every successful border security plan that Trump had implemented. 

It’s kinda like having Biden reverse all of the speed limits and traffic rules in the country and then saying that all of the accidents and deaths aren’t his fault.

Unable to hide the border disaster any more, the leftist media has decided to help he Dems with their marketing by spinning the truth and calling what is going on a “humanitarian” crisis instead of a crisis for Americans. 

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OUR crisis is the Democrat party bringing in cheap workers, disease, sex trafficking, drugs, terrorists and assorted criminals at a rapid pace. These are people who will unfairly benefit from the Democratic welfare system in exchange for their votes.

The security, health and welfare of Americans is of no concern to Democrats, the ones who created this crisis in only two short months.

Disingenuous Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also calling the border disaster a “humanitarian crisis” but she says it’s Trump’s fault (isn’t everything?) 

Pelosi says that the Biden Administration is just trying to fix “the broken system” left by Trump. 

That would be the broken system of law and order and border security that she is babbling about. When the democrats “fix” things what they really do is cancel any policies that are working to make Americans prosperous and secure.

Democrats, true to form, continue to be some of the least humanitarian people on the planet. They always have been because they are not able to operate in a successful country. Nor do they want one.

Democrats must use oppression and take advantage of bad circumstances so they can rule over us and promise to “fix” the very disasters they bring upon us. The end result of them fixing stuff is a bunch of horrific policies that allow them to come up with freedom-crushing rules to create even more problems and victims.

So let’s see… what kind of humanitarian things have the Democrats been involved in over the years…

They keep blacks in low income and unsafe neighborhoods, in bad schools, unemployed and on welfare. Any minorities who want to make a better life for themselves or go to a better school are called evil names and the Democrats block their ability to get out of poverty at every turn.

They support abortion, especially in minority communities.

Their open borders strategy brings sex trafficking, drugs, crime, terrorists and disease into the country and allows cartels to abuse children on the way to the United States. Dems are non-humanitarian to both illegals AND Americans.

The Democrats were the party of segregation and are headed towards that movement again today with their anti-white racist policies, school lessons in critical race theory and allowing places like Columbia University in New York to discriminate and have separate graduation celebrations for different races.

Obama “humanely” droned and killed Americans in foreign countries. But he was fair. He droned foreigners too – farmers, merchants, miners and children.

Over the past year, Democrat Governors across the country closed down mom and pop businesses during the pandemic while allowing super-spreader chains like Target, Walmart, Lowes and Menards to stay open. How very humanitarian of them.

The Democrat party carried out the Bay of Pigs invasion under Kennedy and his CIA, bombed civilians in Germany and Japan under Roosevelt and Truman and dropped two atomic bombs on Japan killing 200,000+ people. Which party used nuclear bombs? Yep, the Democrat party.

Obama supported the genocidal war of the Saudis against the people in Yemen which resulted in 12,000 dead Yemeni from military attacks and more than 130,000 dying of starvation after a blockade of their country. Antonio Guterres who was the UN Secretary General called it the “world’s worse humanitarian crisis.” Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama didn’t help the people of Yemen. He helped the other side.

The Democrats forced 100,000+ Japanese and Japanese-Americans into U.S. concentration camps.

The Democrats don’t even donate to charities at a good pace. Even the New York Times admits that Republican counties are more charitable. Democrats don’t want to help anyone with their own money. They want to have the government pay for everything and redistribute our tax dollars to the places they choose.

And how humane is it to stash 13,000+ kids on the border in cramped cages and containers because you want their parents to vote for you?

So are the Democrats some great humanitarians?

Not even close.