Is what’s going on at the border a “challenge” as the democratic spin-masters tell us?


Is it even a crisis?


It’s even worse. It’s all all out emergency. 

A disaster. 

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How do we know? Because Biden is sending FEMA in to help. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency.


The FEMA website defines itself in the “about us” section and says that their mission is helping people before, during and after disasters.


A disaster.

This sentiment is echoed by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton who was on Fox & Friends on Monday and commented about the Biden administration sending FEMA to to the border. He said it was “their own declaration, admitting it’s a disaster. That’s what it is when you deploy FEMA, a disaster. But remember, they’re not deploying FEMA to secure the border, to try to finish the wall or stop those migrants from crossing. They’re deploying FEMA to expedite them, to wave them in even faster and give them a bus ticket and a plane ticket and send them wherever they want to go in the United States.”

It’s kind of like sending FEMA to a cracked dam that is starting to flood a town and they are there to sledge hammer the dam apart.

It’s kind of like sending FEMA to a forest fire and having them bring some propane tanks and gasoline cans to “help” out the Americans in the path of the fire so that the problem is over as soon as possible.

It’s kind of like sending FEMA to the border in order to ensure that COVID-19 is being brought into the country and spread more quickly.

Oops. It’s not kind of like that. It IS that.

And now they’re so completely out of space due to the Biden Illegal Welcoming Committee that they are sending 3000 illegal alien males between the ages of 15 and 17 to the Dallas Convention Center. HHS will be working with – guess who – FEMA to make sure they are all comfy with food and medical care and whatever else they need.

Meanwhile, there are homeless veterans all over the state of Texas being ignored by the government. Luckily there are non-profit groups like the Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas who have served over 60,000 veterans since they started in 2004.

Guess there’s no emergency when a veterans needs food and shelter because there is no mass mobilization of FEMA to assist them.

But the illegals being welcomed into our country by Biden has turned into a disaster and an emergency alright. An emergency because the leftists are so very concerned about the comfort and welfare of illegal aliens and the public relations of the Democrat party.

Elections have consequences.