Joe Biden hit the road yesterday after coming out of hibernation in order to go to Pennsylvania to talk about how great the America Rescue Plan is. Wife Jill as well as Kamala plus one will also be doing the same snow job soon.

The Help is Here Tour was kicked off at a unionized black-owned flooring company called Smith Flooring in Chester, Pennsylvania on Tuesday in order to “sell” the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that was already passed by Congress.

Someone should tell old Joe that the bill not only already passed through Congress but that he even signed it into law. He must have forgotten all about that.

The trip to the flooring company was so short that he might forget all about that too. The PR event was about a half hour away from Joe’s home in Delaware, probably on the way to his favorite ice cream shop. He stayed for about three minutes and was whisked off by his handlers so that reporters couldn’t ask any questions.

So instead of having old Joe tour any of the places that he has destroyed like the southern border or the cities that relied on jobs from the Keystone pipeline, his handlers are sending him off on a marketing tour to talk about legislation that already exists as law. 

I guess the help is NOT on the way for Americans affected by massive illegal immigration or energy job losses.

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And I’m curious about the name of this endeavor of Joe’s. 

If “The Help is Here” then why does he have to talk about it because the help is already here? People would already know that the help is here because the help is here.

Biden said in a mostly empty room, “100 million people are going to be getting, no joke, a check for $1400…”

It IS a joke, Joe. My check is most definitely not in the mail.

My $1400 bribe must still be sitting in Washington DC in a Trump supporter’s lock box. I get a paper check, not a direct deposit, because I don’t let the IRS have control over my bank account.

I still haven’t gotten my second stimulus check so I’m not looking in the mailbox for the third one to come anytime soon. 

It might come by Christmas since their legislation says that they have until the end of the year to send my check. I’m sure that they will take advantage of that timeframe since I’m a fervent Trump supporter. I don’t have a blue checkmark next to my name. I have a red one. And it’s BIGLY.

Biden told the owner of the flooring company “You should be aware that more help is on the way, for real.”

The democrats have no clue how to “help” anyone which is why their whole existence depends on marketing. 

Trump proved that helping people means giving them freedom, opportunity, less regulations and less oppression. Four things that the Democrats can’t stand.

It’s reported that the Dems are putting Biden on the road to sell legislation that they already passed because they didn’t think Obama did enough to “sell” the 2009 economic rescue plan. 

The Obama stimulus handout didn’t rescue anyone except the public sector unions and the Obama stimulus handout was for shovel ready jobs that didn’t exist. His “rescue” plan was a fraud like this current one is.

But I’m sure that marketing the bill via the traveling White House will make all the difference in the world and people will believe that things are different this time.

The democrat clowns are going to “save” everyone from the virus and economic disaster – or at least that’s how things will be portrayed in the media while the rest of live the truth out here in the real world trying to survive their dastardly circus.