The events on January 6th at the Capitol have allowed the Democrats to push their hatred of Trump supporters forward to a new high, calling out extremism in the military and labeling all Trump supporters as terrorists. 

Every Republican and Trump supporter is fair game to be targeted as an extremist. That means everyone who was at the Capitol and around the Capitol of course but the Democratic targeting list also includes every Trump supporter, Republican, Conservative and pretty much anyone who calls out the dems on their voting fraud, climate change fraud, the border crisis and every other nut job idea that they’re trying to push forward.

If you’re a Biden voter you’re protected but everyone else is on the hook for January 6th will be from here to eternity. 

The Democrats have had hearings and have used the Capitol event to surveil, censor, investigate, harass, dox, put up fencing, bring in the National Guard, and push their cancel culture and racist critical race theory propaganda on businesses and schools in the name of anti-racism and disparaging Republicans. They never let a crisis go to waste as we all know.

The never-ending coverage of January 6th by the Democrats and leftist media is part of a two-part strategy to paint Trump supporters as terrorists and to push expanded surveillance of the American people. 

The optics of having fencing around the Capitol and the persistent National Guard presence pushes the narrative of the leftists’ reporting of a constant threat of terrorism plots by Trump supporters.

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Even Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi considered the QAnon threat a joke. She said the threat was “silliness” and that the House votes last Thursday weren’t cancelled because of any threats – they were cancelled because Republicans had something else scheduled. She said, “I don’t think anybody should take any encouragement that because some troublemakers might show up that we changed our whole schedule.”

In a Newsweek article, popular QAnon figure Julian Rum told his 216K followers on Gab, “[The media’s] current strategy seems to hinge on utilizing doomer shills to try and induce reckless abandon among Q supporters in the hope that some will go out and do something violent, at which point they can swing the media into action.”

So neither of the Biden administration’s false flags materialized. There were no problems at the inauguration and no problems on March 4th. Biden’s folks weren’t able to incite any Trump supporters to show up to confront them.

But that’s not going to stop the government from using the January 6th attacks as a reason to spy on everyone and everything related to Trump now and in the future. 

We already know the FBI tracked thousands of people (without a warrant) through cell phone data to find people who were near the Capitol on January 6th. They even got information from legislators’ cell phones. Just like the tyrannical Governors who have locked us down for more than a year, the FBI claims “emergency authority” lets them do this.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who was one of the few Senators to question the Democrats’ voter fraud, is also one of the few Senators who are actually concerned with the FBI’s dragnet of cell phone data of anyone near the Capitol on January 6th.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed Hawley about this. Upon learning in the media that lawmakers had their cell phone data collected, Hawley said, “I’m not sure that is legal, and I have to say it’s unbelievable to read the stuff in the press.”

He continued, “We’ve seen these law enforcement agencies go way over and above and sweep in law-abiding activity.”

Reported back in the beginning of February, we learned that the FBI collected personal information about people near the Capitol on January 6th from the Bank of America without warrants.

Hawley said, “This is really, really frightening stuff, and to those who say we need a new domestic war on terror that will give even more accountability to these law enforcement agencies without any kind of oversight – that is a scary prospect.”

Hawley can see the increasing illegal invasion of our privacy in the name of an “emergency.” That’s the new way that the leftists are able to completely ignore the Constitution and go after their political enemies and control the public, keeping them in a constant state of fear.

When FBI Director, Christopher Wray, was pressed by Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Mike Lee on using geolocation data to illegally go after American citizens near the Capitol on January 6th, Wray said, “I think there may be some instances in which geolocation has been an investigative tool, but I can’t speak to any specific situations.”

Of course he can’t.

We already saw what Obama did with “his” intelligence agencies, spying on Trump and other Republicans. Nothing is ever off the table when it comes to Democrats and their abuse of power.

Wikipedia lists 136 rallies that Trump has held and those are just the ones after he won the election. They were all peaceful. Which is the reason, by the way, that the Capitol Police weren’t prepared on January 6th although none of them are publicly saying that because it would be an affirmation of how peaceful Trump supporters are opposed to all the Black Lives Matter rallies that took place all last summer.

The January 6th event was infiltrated by people who did things that 99.9% of Trump supporters don’t support. But, as usual, that is what the Democrats and their leftist media friends focus on. The Democrats point to those 0.1% of Trump supporters in order to paint us all as bad people. And they’re using that 0.1% to come up with imaginary future threats in order to control a narrative and use it to surveil their political enemies. 

They do this, all the while, as they are concurrently not stopping the ongoing Antifa terrorism in Portland. Funny how the FBI isn’t able to get cell phone data or bank data or any other information to arrest those people. And these are terrorists who pretty much show up in the same location every day to do the same things. It’s ongoing.

Over the weekend, Antifa severely damaged the Public School headquarters in Portland in an arson attack and left graffiti messages that repeats a AntifaBLM message. Will the fake news media cover this? Will Biden even mention this? Nope. It’s not on his radar. It’s not any concern of his.

The truth is, the democrats can’t arrest their AntifaBLM army because they need to keep them on-call for any future operational plans.