Elected Democrats don’t care about black people. Or gay people. Or poor people. 

They care about democrats. Plain and simple.

But what do you expect from the party of KKK, slavery, Margaret Sanger and segregation? 

Even Kamala Harris pointed out Biden’s racist history during the primary when she wasn’t angling to be VP.

Democrats haven’t changed at all. They just have better packaging for their brand.

If you are black and you’re a Republican, they will go after you with abandon. You are slime, an Uncle Tom, a sell-out and other words I can’t repeat like they’ve done with Republican Senator Tim Scott.

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Scott worked on some real police reform legislation after the death of George Floyd. But the “Defund the Police” Democrats had no interest in it. Their voters left voice mail messages for Scott with lots of nasty words and threats because, well, you know, they are so very tolerant and respectful of minorities.

Democrats actually think that black people are “lesser than” and need a hand out. They think they need equity, not opportunity.

So instead of the theory of a rising tide raising all boats like Trump had going on so everyone had a job and we were all prosperous no matter what color we were, the democrats make sure to keep the minorities unemployed in bad neighborhoods with bad schools and little opportunity to change things.

Democrats don’t want blacks to make changes for the better or receive any positive messages from successful black people who tell their stories and offer advice.

Something happened recently that illustrates my point.

During Black History Month, Amazon has decided to pull Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas’ documentary from its streaming service.

Thomas is the only black Supreme Court Justice.

But no matter. He’s a Conservative. So it’s not important and there is no outrage.

Thomas’ documentary is called “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” and tells about his life and how he became a Supreme Court Justice.

Created equal? Well, that’s a bad message to send out. The democrats must be horrified to hear about that title.

According to The Blaze, the documentary, which has a 99% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.9-star rating on Amazon’s own website, was pulled from Amazon Prime Video around February 8th, making it unavailable for most of Black History Month.

No explanation was given by Amazon about why the documentary was yanked from his site.

But we don’t need an explanation. We know why they did it.

Because leftists can’t let black men tell other blacks that they can be successful without the hand of government helping them out.