The leftists never know when to give up on their hoaxes but it’s probably hard to do when you have a leftist media that will cover your lies for you.

Our wonderfully honest U.S. Intelligence community, now under Obama control again, is telling us that Russia tried to influence the 2020 Biden/Trump election.

The National Intelligence Council came up with an unclassified intelligence community assessment called “Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections.” 

The lovely logos on the top of the report show that it was a combined effort of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; CIA, Department of Justice; National Security Agency; The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, the Dept. of the Treasury and the Department of State – all of which are ran by people who detest Donald Trump and have openly called him a threat to our nation in the past.

Unfortunately for these Russia hoaxers, they DID have to admit some truth in the very first paragraph under “key judgment 1” that they have no indications that any foreign actor attempted to alter any technical aspect of the voting process in the 2020 US elections, including voter registration, casting ballots, vote tabulation or reporting results.

Well, no, that wasn’t needed. The Democrats had all of that covered.

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The National Intelligence Council did however find out that foreign nations carried out covert influence campaigns on the internet. 

Oooooh…. how scary. They came up with memes and spread fake news and misinformation. 

Kind of like the Democrats.

The Council laughingly concluded that Russian President Putin authorized operations to denigrate Biden’s candidacy and the Democrat party to support President Trump. 


Anyone who believes that Russia would want Trump as President over Hillary Clinton OR Joe Biden is quite the comedian. 

In fact, this so-called “intelligence” report should be sent directly to SNL including Biden’s threat to Putin that he will “pay the price” for interfering in the election and trying to help Trump. Saturday Night Live is in desperate need of some good comedy material and this report certainly qualifies.

Putin is going to make kazillions because we are not going to be energy independent anymore and he doesn’t have to worry about Biden being a threat to his country, economically or in any other capacity. 

As the Federalist says, “Biden just took a viable competitor of Russia’s energy supply off the table. Going forward, Putin can easily weaponize Russia’s energy supplies to compel the EU to accept his domestic oppression of dissent and enable him to achieve aggressive foreign policy goals.”

The National Intelligence Council also concluded the Biden’s good buds and financial backers in China were not found to have deployed any operations in the Trump-Biden election in order to change the outcome. They said they had “high confidence” in this judgment as China didn’t view either election outcome as being “advantageous enough for China to risk getting caught meddling.”

LOL again.

That is only believable if China was clued in on the plans by the Democrats to steal the election – because why bother to meddle in a sure thing.