Come one, come all is still the motto for the Biden Welcoming Committee at our borders even though they are overwhelmed by an out of control situation they have created. Free hotel rooms for everyone they exclaim! Don’t come to America they say with a wink and a nod.

The ICE-hating Biden administration has gotten as many Democratic voters as they can to flood the border and they have now repurposed the ICE Agency and have awarded them $86 million in order to enter into a contract with the Texas non-profit organization Endeavors to provide hotel rooms for illegal alien families.  

The Biden administration says that families will be “temporarily” placed in the hotels while they are being processed for removal. Raise your hand if you buy that story. What, no hands raised? Gee, you are all such cynical people.

Every time the Biden administration does something asinine (pretty much every two hours), I go to the “About Us” section of the governmental agency they are using to further their progressive agenda.

In this case I took a look at  the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website and read their mission statement. It says they are standing on the forefront of our nation’s efforts to strengthen border security and prevent the illegal movement of people, goods and funds into, within, and out of the United States.

Not hardly. 

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They aren’t doing either. Maybe the actual agents want to do that but the Biden Open Borders Welcoming Committee will not let them do their job. 

They are, in fact, weakening the border and they are DIRECTLY involved in the movement of people, goods and funds into and within the United States.

This latest hotel handout from the Biden team in the migrant lottery adds to the plethora of money, service and benefits that is already available to illegal aliens.

The money and resources being given to illegal aliens is flowing across the country like a dam broke. And it did. Trump’s dam – otherwise known as effective border policies and the border wall.

Illegal aliens are getting a bonanza of freebies from the leftists – free health care, free schooling, asylum cash, $4.38+ billion of stimulus cash, free stuff from churches and non-profits and cash from state governments like California who plans to spend $28 million of taxpayer money for food, transportation and other goods and services for asylum seekers.


It’s like Ed McMahon has come back from the dead and is handing out checks all over the place. If you are an illegal alien and you make it to the border, YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER! In fact, in most cases, you definitely are.

The Biden administration is so very desperate to solve their “challenge” on the border that the non-profit organization they contracted with, Endeavors, is a faith-based organization based on Judeo-Christian principles and run by a mostly white Board of Directors. 

WOW. Obviously, AOC hasn’t gotten wind of this. 

Biden is partnering with ICE?

Biden has contracted with a faith-based organization with hardly any diversity?

Over the past 4+ years, the leftists have been a broken record about abolishing ICE but maybe now that the agency is repurposed into a community service organization instead of a law enforcement agency, they will be more supportive of them.

Some of the services listed that will be offered to the illegal alien families in addition to the hotels are therapeutic regiments, home study and post-release services. That could pretty much be anything they want it to be. Chocolate? Free shoes? Plane tickets? Vitamins? Roofing?

I just hope that these illegal alien families in the hotel rooms are able to get a mini-fridge, a microwave, HBO and wi-fi. Otherwise, the Democrats will probably freak out from the injustice of it all.