I was having a conversation with a person at a dinner party, a person who I was under the impression was logical and educated, and she blithely commented that “all white cops are racists.” This was after she had previously said that “all people are basically good.”

When I challenged both statements, me being white only under my skin, she claimed that black Americans were always better people than white police officers and whites in general, the white police officers resented and hated blacks for it, hence alleged police brutality towards blacks. She then told me that police murder was the number one cause of death of black males in America.

The sheer know nothing stupidity and racism of her reasoning was so overwhelming, so as not to ruin the party by conversationally garroting her in public, I pivoted to another topic.

I don’t think she was just trying to provoke me. I think she thought exactly what she said. Which brings us to the general subject of the moral superiority of one race or ethnicity over another. It doesn’t exist in reality, only in the mental fever swamps of actual racists and bigots.

My general experience over about 60 years on the planet is that horrible people come from everywhere and in every shade. For blacks, my own latins, Anglo Saxons, or anybody else to claim an inherent goodness that other groups lack is the first step on the road to the gas chambers. For, by definition, wouldn’t a “master race” be morally superior?

That’s why the message of the Klan and Black Lives Matter, two different hues of the same coin, is so dangerous. By, as they publicly have, rejecting the notion that All Lives Matter (they don’t, but it’s not based on race or ethnicity), Black Lives Matter foists on to themselves the advantage of living lives that matter, i.e.- lives that are more important than other lives in the racial or ethnic sense. Sadly, many people are dumb or twisted enough to buy this.

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We’ve seen this play out time and time again all over the world against all people and it inevitably leads to bloodshed, as the self-proclaimed better group must confirm their status against the claims of other groups who want the same prize.

But, some say, certain groups have undergone widespread oppression and thus deserve special treatment. Horse manure, as almost all groups have taken it in the shorts one time or another at all times and in most places. The Irish and Italians were not treated well during the Ellis Island period and before. They made their way forward anyway. The Jews experienced vicious bigotry here, as have the Catholics. They transcended it. Many came here from England as indentured servants during the colonial period. They got over it and moved ahead. Blacks beat slavery and Jim Crow and have ascended to the top of American society in many instances. However, tragically, some have been put back in chains by the leftist welfare state. If their ire should be directed against anybody, it should fall squarely on the shoulders of the liberal panacea pushers of the Great Society.

At any rate, all over the world and on every continent most groups have spent time as both oppressors and oppressed. So for one group to claim enhanced martyrdom as compared to others flies in the face of history and common sense.

In this country today we are engaged in spasms of racial controversy over the idea, to some individuals, that one type of people are superior to another and thus they matter more and are gifted with a special moral superiority. That is not only wrong, it is evil. Of course, these are the same people who natter on about equality. Not a surprise.