The Democrats are using their magic wand of the leftist press to tell us that the house isn’t on fire while we see the house on fire behind them. The jig is up.

We have a HUGE crisis – a humanitarian crisis as well as a crisis of drug trafficking, human trafficking and the spread of COVID-19 among other things. But the Democrats and the Biden Welcoming Committee continue to wave in their future Democrat voters no matter the cost to American citizens. 

Illegal alien kids (unaccompanied minors is the phrase used by the Democrats) are coming across the border in massive numbers. They’re also coming in with addresses and phone numbers of where to be sent to. 

It’s a genius plan by the Democrats to let them all in so that in the future, massive numbers of Democrat voters can come in through chain migration. If you combine that with their new voting bill, HR1, which doesn’t require voter ID and lets you register to vote all over the place on the day of the election, we can have illegals voting ten or twenty times a day.

So at the beginning of their stay in America, the illegal alien children are put in cages longer than the law allows in bad conditions in areas that have been reported to smell like urine and vomit and teaming with COVID-19.

But after they get away from the overcrowding at stop number one, their circumstances seem to be improving dramatically. They are sent all over the country to their “family” but usually not before being housed in the lap of luxury in hotels and other places with lavish accommodations payed for by you and me.

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The best accommodations by far are the man camps that are being used as overflow “detention centers” in Midland, Texas.

Originally built to house temporary workers in the oil industry, they’re now being used to house about 500 illegal alien children. 

The Biden administration is spending $33 million in order to give the children a soccer field; chefs; a nice dining room; hot and cold meal service; 24-hour snack and beverage service; an indoor recreation facility with billiards and a lounge; a state-of-the-art workout facility; an outdoor pavilion with fire pits and covered decks and yes, even a theater with stadium-style reclining seating.

As lovely as this man camp is, there is a COVID-19 outbreak there, infecting about 10% of the youth. Big surprise, right?

500 children are there on top of the teens housed at the Dallas Convention Center that we have no photos of. The number of teen boys in this location now sits around 1750 with as many as 2300 expected there, the majority of them from Central America. 

Who knows what kind of amenities they have. They could have cable TV and free iPhones or they could have paper towel blankets. With the Biden administration, you either have squalor and incompetence or you have overindulgence like at the man camps. The Democrats don’t seem to have a middle ground.

Even more illegal alien children are being sent to the San Francisco Convention Center as well.

And even though the Democrats say there’s no crisis, another camp is being opened in Carrizo Springs, TX that will accommodate 500 more illegal alien kids. 

500 here, 500 there, a few thousand here, a few thousand there…

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight but that’s the plan. Don’t let them fool you. The Democrats are very excited about all of this. They can weather the PR storm with the help of the leftist media and if they get HR1 passed, they don’t have to worry about anyone ever voting them out of office again. So what do they care if you’re upset or get infected with the virus?

Quit worrying. Biden says things aren’t that bad. In his staged press conference yesterday he implied that things are fine. That nothing has really changed and that he’s just trying to fix Trump’s inhumane policies. He’s willing to take in every unaccompanied child on the planet. He said, “Look, the idea that I’m going to say, which I would never do, if an unaccompanied child ends up at the border, we’re just going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side, no previous administrations did either, except Trump. I’m not going to do it.”

There you go. Come one, come all. Every single one of you all across the globe.

The out-of-control situation is actually so bad that it’s now spreading into our military bases. 

I guess our military bases don’t need to be exclusively used for the military anymore or for actual military operations – you know, one of the few things that the Constitution actually allows the government to do – defend us.

Instead of being exclusively used to train and defend our country, the military base (quite ironically) is being used for the exact opposite – to make our county unsafe by assisting in the internal Democratic threat to the country.

The Department of Indefense just approved a request from HHS to temporarily house illegal alien children at two military bases in Texas – Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland and Fort Bliss.

The Biden team says that this won’t “negatively affect military training” but that seems highly unlikely.

The move seems to be in violation of the law but since when has that stopped Democrats from doing anything? 

Two Congressmen who represent districts where Fort Hood is located sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Acting Secretary of HHS Norris Cochran in opposition to the plans and told them that what they are doing is illegal. 

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that the letter reminded the Biden folks of a previous rule in the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that requires the Secretary to meet with the House and Senate Armed Services Committee prior to entering into an agreement with a federal agency to provide temporary shelter. The bill requires proof first that providing housing on a military installation will not hamper military training, daily operations or readiness.

Well, gee, why would THAT be necessary if a Biden spokesperson can just say so??

If only the Democrats cared this much about homeless veterans and moved heaven and earth to take care of THEM.