West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, the most powerful guy in the government other than Obama, is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

He’s been saying he doesn’t want to get rid of the filibuster but he has no qualms about tinkering with it. 

Since that would make the filibuster ineffective, it’s the same thing.

Democrats always think that the general public is stupid so they pick and choose their words to con their voters. This seems to be what Manchin is doing.

A Democrat elected in a very red state where Trump beat Biden bigly 68.6% to 29.7%, Manchin can’t always tow the party line of what the Democrats are trying to ram through. But he’s doing his best.

While on Fox News Sunday, Manchin said he was open to “reforming” the practice of imposing a 60-vote threshold for most legislation to make it more painful for the minority party to block legislation.

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That means he intends to help the Democrats essentially get rid of the filibuster. The only ones who can stop him from going along with the Democrats on messing with the filibuster this are the voters in his state. They need to start giving him an earful about what he’s planning to do.

Manchin discussed making the Senators have to stand on the floor and talk in order to give them “involvement” but that’s just mumbo-jumbo to let them talk but not be able to stop anything the Democrats are legislating.

And he didn’t rule out using budget reconciliation to pass the unconstitutional HR1 voting fraud act that the Democrats are trying to push through either.

It’s apparent that the Democrats will continue to get their way by any unconstitutional and fraudulent means possible and Manchin the Enabler doesn’t seem too concerned about it.