Joe Biden, the most transparent President ever created on the face of the planet (according to the Democrats) had a laughable, scary and insane press conference last week in which he rambled on incoherently even after using photo sheets, flash cards and notes to help him answer questions.

The Biden administration hasn’t let journalists cover what’s going on at the facilities at the border and have ordered a blackout of the Border Patrol talking to the media.

The media is actually getting a little pissy about the whole thing. One of the reporters at Biden’s press conference, identified as Kristen, asked if Biden would commit to allowing journalists to have access to the facility that are overcrowded moving forward.

Biden answered, “I will commit when my plan very shortly is underway to let you have access to not just them, but to other facilities as well.”

Kristen didn’t like the answer and asked how soon they’ll be able to have access and asked, “Will you commit to transparency on this issue?”

Not entirely sure of what the definition of transparency actually is, Joe said, “I will commit to transparency as soon as I am in a position to be able to implement what we’re doing now.”

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Kristen was not satisfied with that answer either and asked, “Okay. And just to be clear, how soon will that be, Mr. President?”

To which Biden finally admitted the truth, “I don’t know.”

So pretty much not any time soon until they have a new coat of paint on the wall, bring in beds and only have about 10 people in each of the cages.

There was certainly no transparency when Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to take photos of the inside of one the facilities to show how the Biden administration has people stacked in rooms like sardines. 

While trying to take photos, one of Biden’s henchwomen kept standing in front of him, blocking him from showing the country what’s going on. 

She laughingly asks him to give the illegals “dignity” when the Biden administration is doing nothing of the sort having them lie on floors with tin foil blankets.

The Biden administration also continues to lie about the number of illegal aliens in custody, the number of illegal aliens not getting caught and the number of unaccompanied children. They are spinning a tale that the numbers of illegals coming to the border are no more of a problem than in the past.

They are total liars. No one believes them.

Which is why they are working so very hard to get rid of the filibuster, pass the voter fraud bill and add DC as a state. They know that they’ve already lost the next election because of what they’re doing at the border and they need to stop that from happening.