You would think that our Department of Homeland Security would actually be tasked with protecting homeland security. But you would be wrong.

Even though the Department of Homeland Security’s website actually says that they have a vital mission to secure the nation from the many threats we face and are responsible for border security, they are currently doing anything BUT securing the border and keeping us safe from threats.

The Democrats have turned the law officials at the border into a neighborhood welcoming committee under the ObamaHarrisBiden administration.

Under Democratic rule and their voter recruitment initiatives, Homeland Security is all about implementing Biden-ordered open borders so that we don’t actually have any homeland security.

Security? What’s that? 

Sex trafficking?

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Drug trafficking?

Child smuggling?

Illegals with COVID-19 coming into our country? 

They are all threats to our country – but completely okay with Joe Biden and the Democrats.

It’s also completely fine with them that illegals come into our country and commit crimes, steal American jobs and get free school and health care at the cost of taxpayers.

It’s okay because these illegal aliens are future Democrat voters and they have to be protected, even if that means that Democratic open borders result in a humanitarian crisis.

But don’t fret. Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, says there is no crisis on the border – only a challenge. 

In a recent press conference, Mayorkas told the illegals to just wait a bit. He said, “We’re not saying don’t come, we’re saying don’t come now.”

Why is that? Do they need time to install basketball courts, school classes, job training centers and hire chefs for their meals? That’s of course in addition to the other freebies Biden is already giving them like free attorneys, health care and transportation.


Yes, Biden is actually flying illegals around the country because the number of illegal minors in federal custody has more than tripled. 

According to the Washington Examiner, HHS has instructed ICE to “purchase airplane tickets and cover other transportation costs for minors who’s relatives are already living in the United States.”

In addition to giving illegals frequent flyer miles, the Democrats are also working on the crisis by expanding holding capacity and just releasing illegals altogether.

The mindset of a Democrat to destroy our country and our culture in order to gets votes is amplified by their leftist media friends like the New York Times who have said that America’s borders need to be open to everyone who wants to move here.


Life is just unfair and so are borders. The NY Times says, “When you see the immigration system up close, you’re confronted with its bottomless unfairness. The system assumes that people born outside our borders are less deserving of basic rights than those inside.”

American sovereignty and security is not something that democrats are concerned with. 

Votes are.