There is talk, of course, about Biden not lasting through the year as President and most Republicans seem to prefer a Dementia Biden to a President Harris. 


What is she going to do that’s worse than what’s already going on?

We have the most radical government we’ve ever had in charge of our country right now with their proxy President okie dokie-ing everything they tell him to do. I contend that there is nothing worse that Harris can do to us that Biden hasn’t already done or is willing to do. He’s certainly proven his radical creds over the past 59 days.

The Obama powers-that-be have decided that their strategy is to put the blame of the destruction of the country on Dementia Biden by coming out of the gate as progressively communistic as they could be, having him sign his Joe Hancock on all of their Executive Orders.

In 59 days, Obama and company have pushed through 73 Executive Orders and have lots of America-destroying legislation in the hopper just waiting for the removal of the filibuster.

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Open borders, gun grabs, the destruction of our energy independence, letting dudes in women’s bathrooms, stealing taxpayer money to pay for state mismanagement, voting fraud legislation, shoring up Obamacare, trying to get rid of private jails and prisons… Their communist ideas and tyranny against the American citizens is a never-ending list.

All the leftists need right now in order to rule over us is a happy-go-lucky Joe, who thinks he’s ordering a steak dinner when he’s signing the Executive Orders as directed. He gives a smile and a thumbs up and all is okay no matter what he’s done to the country.

The Democrats are in a very good position right now so they may not want to get rid of Biden so quickly.

But I am no longer worried if they do because Harris won’t be any worse than the old man. In fact, she might surprise us.

Maybe having a cognitively aware President might cause some actual push back. I contend that Harris will let power go to her head and she might not like Obama telling her what to do everyday. She might get a backbone while she is President and tell him to kiss off.

Does she REALLY want to be responsible for destroying large sectors of the country as the first female President? Not a real good selling point for any more chicks who want to follow in her footsteps.

For the ignorant moderate democrat voters who thought that Biden would be bipartisan and moderate and that he would work with Republicans, a big HA HA to you guys. 

The democrats have been telling everyone for more than a year what they stand for and what they were willing to do to get their power back. And they have followed through on their promises – with Biden’s help.

I really can’t see how Harris can be any MORE tyrannical and progressive than Biden is. If Harris becomes President, I’m counting on her narcissism to rear its ugly head and hoping it will propel her to be her own woman and not take any orders from any man.

Harris might have a chip on her shoulder because she had to have an affair with Willie Brown in order to get into politics in the first place. After that, she needed him to raise money and move on to her next gigs. Resentment against the male-dominated political system could be stewing in her and could play out to our benefit.

I’m starting to think that the Democrats might not be better off with Harris as President but the rest of us might be.