Anyone who thinks that Democratic New York Governor, Mafioso Leader and Emmy-award-winning Andrew Cuomo will face any consequences for killing elderly people in nursing homes or sexually harassing female government workers, please raise your hand.

I’m sure if this was a Zoom meeting, I would see no hands being raised.

Democrats are rarely held accountable for any of their corrupt and vile actions and almost never end up paying for their crimes in prison.

Hillary didn’t, Obama didn’t, John Brennan didn’t. The list goes on and on. 

Some people out there might be thinking that the pressure is on… that things are finally happening…that Cuomo might resign or that an investigation or impeachment might get rid of him. 

I’m not one of those people. I believe that he will complete his full term as Governor.

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The odds that Cuomo will even be shamed adequately are about the same as John Durham coming up with an indictment against James Comey for lying to the FISA court.

I don’t even think the stories about Cuomo will stay in the media space that much longer. The democrats will leak something from Trump’s taxes or find out that Ted Cruz didn’t put a shopping cart back into the corral.

I can count on my hand the number of corrupt Democrats who have actually “paid the price” for their crimes. 

It’s been 343 days since Cuomo issued his Executive Order that put COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, killing thousands. We all knew it happened but it was only when his Attorney General Letitia James (who wants Cuomo’s job) came out with her report that people actually paid attention to what the Executive Order had meant to the elderly population of the state.

In her report, as most of you know, she said the state was undercounting the actual nursing home deaths from Cuomo’s Executive Order. But it was much more than that. 

The nursing homes that these sick people were sent into had all kinds of problems. There was a lack of compliance with infection control protocols; COVID-19 patients were put in substandard nursing homes with low ratings; there was insufficient PPE for nursing home staff and insufficient testing for the testing of staff and residents.

This is not all that surprising for anyone with common sense. When you come up with an asinine program like Cuomo did, jettisoning seniors into unprepared environments, you’re going to end up with chaos and death. 

Because of Cuomo’s disregard for the lives of the elderly through his inhumane Executive Order, Cuomo is now under investigation by the U.S. Attorney and the FBI.

Ah, the FBI…

I’m sure we’re all comforted by the fact that a Democrat is being investigated by the FBI. The investigation, I am sure, will go just swimmingly and they will uncover all kinds of facts (wink, wink).

We should also keep in mind that if Cuomo goes down over the nursing deaths, there are four other Democratic Governors who could follow including Whitmer in Michigan, Newsom in California, Murphy in New Jersey and Wolf in Pennsylvania. That means that Andrew will need to be protected in order to protect the others.

In addition to Cuomo’s nursing home woes, he’s also had three women come forward recently alleging sexual harassment, leading to another investigation for James to proceed with.

Lucky for Cuomo, he was a big anti-Trump guy. That will keep him going for a while. It’s going to be hard to take down a media darling who was one of the poster boys for Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

The media has built a house of cards around their corrupt Democrat allies and they must keep all breezes away from it.

With that protective house of cards around Cuomo, so far, being responsible for an Executive Order that killed thousands of people – and being a creepy sleazeball and bully to many – just isn’t quite enough to get rid of the Democratic Governor. 

To get rid of him, Cuomo might need to be exposed for wearing blackface while reading a Doctor Seuss book and eating pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup.  

But in all seriousness, Cuomo will only go away when his bad PR outweighs his usefulness to champion the progressive agenda.