Yes, Joe Biden might have made a deal with Obama way back when he was a little more lucid. He might have agreed that he only needed to be a President for a little while so that it was on record. And then he’d turn over the reins to Kamala.

Jill had to be a BIG part of that agreement because she has to prop him up. As we saw during his presidential campaign, Joe was hidden as much as possible and Jill tried to be right by his side during all interviews. 

The Democrats know that Joe is not capable of being President but he doesn’t need to be because Obama and his friends are running the country. 

They just need Joe to be able to sign his name on their Executive Orders. Susan Rice and Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain will take care of everything until Joe’s dementia totally unravels their current plans.

Kamala is getting ready for the Oval Office already by making the calls to the world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She’s ready to go.

Disoriented and confused, Joe is flanked by Jill, Kamala and other babysitters who let him know which way to walk and tell him what he needs to do next. Poor Joe is not able to make his own phone calls or go out in public without forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary or the Pentagon. 

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He reads the teleprompter (often badly) and when he’s off-script, he looks around for direction from his handlers. Whenever he says he will take a question or two, his handlers shut off the feed or abruptly march him out of the area.

So it looks like that time might be closer than we thought for Joe to exit stage left but the time is not his choice. It’s up to his captors. 

So far, they are enjoying the fact that old Joe is taking the hit for all of Obama’s anti-American progressive Executive Orders. It’s working out well for them. But the time will come that the jig is up and they’ll have to commit to Plan B.

Today marks day 52 of Biden being held hostage by Obama, Jill and the Democrat party and now Joe is even losing his dogs because his wife is an idiot. In order to have photo ops of the dogs appear in the media on a regular basis, Jill foolishly brought the dogs into a new environment and had people around them all of the time. It’s pretty sad. It’s not the dogs fault that they were set up to fail.

Jill did the same thing with her husband and that’s pretty sad for us.