One of the saddest parts of the socialist march that the Democratic party is on is the disappointment and heartache that must be weighing on our veterans.

Can you imagine giving your time and putting your life in danger for our country to fight against communism, oppression and evil – only to find yourself living in that very oppression and evil in your own country because a leftist group of tyrants has taken over the leadership of the United States?

And then you have to listen to the Democratic party going after your brothers in arms who are still in the military. You hear the Democratic party calling members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines domestic terrorists and you hear about a new Defense Secretary giving a stand down order to root out what they call “extremism” which is really about finding the political enemies of the government.

Our brave and mighty soldiers didn’t lay down their lives so that leftists could come around and take away our First or Second Amendment rights or to let men go into girl’s bathrooms. 

They didn’t fight so that criminals can be be let out of jail without bail or so that the Joe Biden can destroy our energy independence and purposely put thousands of Americans out of work. 

Our patriotic and heroic veterans didn’t go overseas to protect the homeland in order to let the leftists throw open our borders so that our enemies can easily infiltrate our country – all while given a welcome mat from the democrats, free school, free health care, voting rights and more.

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The Movie “Saving Private Ryan,” if you didn’t see it, was about a squad of Army Rangers, lead by Captain John Miller, who during World War II, were looking for James Ryan who was the surviving son of his family. His three brothers were all killed in action. The job of the squad was to find Ryan so that he could go home to what was left of his family. 

Ryan was argumentative about leaving because he wanted to stay and help his unit fight the enemy. In the end, all of the soldiers combined to fight the enemy together.

Spoiler alert: During the mission to get Ryan, some in the squad died, including Captain Miller. Before dying, Miller told Ryan, “Earn this.”

At the very end of the movie, Ryan is in a cemetery on his knees in front of Miller’s grave, giving him his gratitude for the sacrifices of Miller and his unit. Ryan asked his wife if his life was worth of such sacrifice and she said yes. The flag waved in the breeze.

Can democrats say yes to that question today?


With all of their tyranny, socialistic plans and full-on hatred for and targeting of their political enemy – and the police and military – the answer to that is no.

What the leftists plan to do to our country (and already are doing) is disgraceful and anti-American.

Democrats have no interest in protecting the country, the Constitution and all the things that our soldiers and veterans have fought for over the years. 

It is going to be a disaster for them, us and the entire country if the leftists win their battle against America.